We were pleasantly surprised with the CSC RX3, a 250cc adventure bike, when we tested one back in December of 2014. Considering its modest displacement – and the fact it’s made by Zongshen in China – we weren’t sure what to make of the bike initially, but it’s changing the way we think about Chinese motorcycles. Joe Berk, a consultant to CSC, the North American Zongshen/CSC importer, is a diehard believer in the RX3, touting his numerous trips across China as proof of the bike’s ruggedness.

Now, he’s sent us this video. Made by the folks at Zongshen, it highlights a recent excursion a group of RX3 riders, including Berk, embarked on throughout China. After watching it, I think I’ll add China to the list of destinations I want to see on two wheels. Enjoy.

  • Joe Berk

    It was an incredible ride.

  • GodWhomIsMike

    That looks like an incredible. I have a soft spot for the CSC RX3, which I had the funds for a new bike. But, it’s the dead of winter now, and starting to snow everyday, so I am restricted to the ATV till spring now for any riding enjoyment. Keep these articles coming to get us through the winter. Also, goodluck to CSC. The RX3 is one nice bike.

  • TheMarvelous1310
    • TroySiahaan

      Yup. Same company.

      • TheMarvelous1310

        Nice! Somebody should mix the two together, make an SCR250.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Cool video!

    Amazing how the love of motorcycles can bridge any gap – language, cultural, you name it. Would love to show that gang some of my trails.

  • Adam

    I like the concept of a super cheap street legal dirt bike but I think the RX3 sales are going to plummet after the round of 2017 small displacement ADV bikes are available. More power on a brand you’ve actually heard of for ~$1,000 more.

    • StreetHawk

      Really going to depend on just how much margin is on these bikes and what CSC decides is required if and when they discount them. You’ll recall they originally sold about $500 less upon boatload arrival to get them in the public sights. The new rounds of Japanese bikes may arrive 1st year in limited supply just as the CRL250 did. Locally these sold above retail and really couldn’t be found on the showroom floor (again locally) until 2 summers later. If the big 4 bring the new entries and gamble on high volume deep discounts will be available end of season if projections aren’t met. This is when CSC might have to regroup.

    • Joe Berk

      I wouldn’t be too sure about that…