Riding a 250cc motorcycle on open roads can sometimes be depressing, as YouTuber 2WheelAssault can attest to. Every rider wants to wick it up a little when open stretches of tarmac present themselves, and 250 riders can find themselves wringing their bike’s necks only to look down and see 80 mph on the speedo. If you’re like 2WheelAssault and find yourself on a Honda Rebel 250 then the circumstances get even worse, as you’ll be lucky to even see 80 mph. Meanwhile, those around you on sportbikes (and nearly everything else) will come blazing past.

In less than 90 seconds, 2WheelAssault nicely captures the feelings 250 riders face in the video below. Be sure to watch to the end though, as even small bike riders can claim little victories when the stars line up just right.

  • Russ

    I really like my Suzuki TU250x but I don’t pass many unless they’re scooters.

  • JWaller

    Yeah, that about says it all! My daughter has a Nighthawk 250 which I take out on occasion. It’s still fun to ride, unless there’s a head wind, and you have to go up hill, and there’s a semi or other large truck right behind you, and there’s no shoulder, and it’s a no passing zone. It does have great parking lot handling characteristics, though.

  • I have a Hyosung GD250R and don’t have any trouble overtaking here in NZ. maximum legal speed here is 100km/h though. I have managed to get to to 160. I think it depends on the bike as not all 250s are created equal

  • 12er

    Nice gear choices

  • Mahatma

    I’ve always wanted the baby blade-cbr250rr.Redlines at 20K I hear.Maybe I’m too old for that sh*t…

  • Michael Howard

    Yeah, once in a blue moon you run into another rider who (roughly) obeys the speed limit.

  • Brian Cordell

    I remember my 2006 Ninja 250. Yes, it ran out of top end fairly early, and I remember getting left by a Goldwing, but I appreciated the nimble handling, and the way it worked in urban traffic. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for that bike.

  • Lee Runge

    All those other rider’s are about to crash and quit riding while that 250 rider will buy larger bikes before eventually coming back to the 250 and being the “one who waits” on mountain roads.

  • Norm Klein

    So this guy is riding around at 60 – 70 mph wearing a short sleeve shirt, regular pants and regular shoes. He might as well get a Harley.

  • gogiburn


    • Douglas

      Gargle peanut butter…..

  • Maneesh Joshi

    India, we are, for the first time, facing a situation where opportunities for high speed riding are being equaled by the availability of bikes fit for the job. The CBR 250 was the first affordable 250; the Ninja 250 was too expensive for serious riders. I own a 2011 CBR but now, find that it definitely is a tad less powerful than what I would like for long rides.

  • methamphetasaur

    You picked the wrong bike boss, that bike is too fat for that little engine.

  • Douglas

    If a good one could be found, try one of the great mid-70’s RD-250’s…..or an X-6. They may require a little toe & clutch activity, but keep either of them on the pipe, and they will stay with most any traffic easily.