While it seems like such a small task, we often fail to forget that explaining things like a twist throttle and “balance” can be a lot for a first timer to grasp. Clearly this guy was struggling with the concept. “Just accelerate” evidently wasn’t good enough advice.

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  • Steve Morse

    That’s not a moped, it’s a scooter. Still, a little more instruction could have helped.

  • Allison Sullivan

    Apparently this is one of the most dangerous things a tourist can do – so dangerous that quite a few travel insurance policies specifically exclude it. Not hard to see why, when you look at that video …

  • Keith Spicer

    Made the same short sided assumptions with my wife behind the throttle years ago. Thirty yards later she jumped a curb and slammed a brick wall. Concussion, cuts and bruises. They almost didn’t let us back on the cruise ship.

  • pjc

    See, can’t fix stupid