Marc Marquez inadvertently took a tumble during warm-up at the Catalunya MotoGP.  No one’s fault, really, but we bet that jack-man was fearful of losing his job after it happened.  Fortunately Marquez was a good sport about it, mimicking his fall again during the podium celebration.  See both videos below.

  • Born to Ride

    Please refrain from click-baitesque titles. Cheapens the articles and I can’t imagine it gets more clicks with this audience.

    • PFMaggotBrain

      What should they title it? “Don’t click on this article unless you already approve of it’s content that you haven’t read yet”. Everyone has something to whine about these days.

      • Born to Ride

        Maybe give it a title that describes the content of the article? You know, what titles are for… Nobody that frequents this site wants the front page to look like a list of buzzfeed ads. I have read just about every article on this site for the past ten years, I earned my right to complain when a brand new writer on the staff inadvertently cheapens the content here.

        • PFMaggotBrain

          You haven’t “earned” anything. You read ten years of articles for free and then you feel the need to criticize the people who are doing the work of creating the articles. I personally would like to thank the fine staff at for their hard work. I enjoyed the article. But I like anything motorcycle. Speaking of which, I need a ride. Enjoy you keyboard.

          • Born to Ride

            Sigh… so, YOU get triggered by my politely suggesting to a new staffer here not to employ tactics found at lesser publications, and I’M the keyboard warrior? Kindly go fuck yourself sir.

            Also, have a safe ride.

          • Ayatollyahso

            Yeah:”Marquez trips over jack handle” would probably save me 30 seconds of life for something more valuable..
            I can spot click bait a mile off and usually don’t go there (purposely); If we stop clicking bullshit time wasters perhaps they’ll go away…

          • RanchRedneck

            Get a fucking life

          • Tinwoods

            Same to you, douchey one.

          • Tinwoods

            Yes, you sycophantic asskisser. The quality of anyone’s work–especially in writing/reporting can only improve with this kind of constructive criticism.

      • Tinwoods

        Give is a break. The title specifically made it look more dire than it was. Far more dire. No one was going lose his job because he accidentally tripped the rider. Born to Ride is correct; you’re just being an ass.

        But how ironic that you say that “everyone has something to whine about…”

  • DesperateDan

    Hey, calm down. At least the guy can take a pop at himself. Too many in GP are toooo serious.

  • badluckbill

    “Marc Marquez takes a tumble: Safety gear protects him from injury”

  • Martin Thompson

    Marc clearly looks right at the thing in the video, then trips over it ANYWAY? Maybe the title should have been “Rider needs eye exam after tripping over big hunk of metal…”

    • 178rod

      He’s just got off a bike and barely took a complete step. He hadn’t re-orientated

    • Wurnman

      If you have ever worn a full face helmet you’d know that most times some angles are obscured.

  • Wurnman

    I doubt Marc can get upset with anyone…