Retro Rider is a highly visual, artistically shot video series that explores the intricacies of vintage motorcycles. Each episode includes a from-the-saddle review of the featured bike, as well as a detailed history of the machine, and an interview with the bike’s current owner.

Touring South Africa By Motorcycle

Retro Rider is hosted by our good friend, Neale Bayly, who’s no stranger to MO, moto-journalism or creating top-notch motorcycle videos. Neale’s credentials includes being the field producer for Corbin’s Ride On television series, the Online Editor for Speed’s motorcycle web section, and the co-host of Tripping On Two Wheels. As a philanthropist, Neale is the founder of Wellspring International Outreach, a non-profit 501c3 formed in 2008 to support and bring awareness to abandoned children around the world.

“It’s great to see these old machines in museums, but for me I have to hear them run. Having tested the best the motorcycle industry has to offer for the last fifteen years, Retro Rider gives me an opportunity to step back in time to test motorcycles I could only dream about as a young man,” says Bayly.

Neale Bayly Rides: Peru

With the fascination for vintage and retro motorcycles at an all time high, watch, listen, and enjoy as Bayly puts these fabulous old machines through their paces. If you enjoy this first installment, a review of a 1973 Kawasaki Z1, please say so in the comments section below. Currently, Neale is looking for funding to continue the series, and your support could help him realize that goal. Look for two more episodes to be posted here on MO next week and the following week.


    I miss kickstarters and centerstands.

  • Fred Meier

    perfect, will watch them all.

  • Rider28

    Good video, I’d like to see more.

  • Trump

    Great video, keep up the good work

  • Gruf Rude

    Really nice video. Of course I’m biased, owning and still riding a ’69 CB750 I bought new in 1969.

  • Kevin Polito

    Nice video. I’d like to see more. I started riding in 1974 and had a Kaw 500 H1. A friend let me ride his Z1. I was amazed. My first impression was that it was a big, heavy bike (for the time, and compared with my spindly H1). But once I got rolling I fell in love with the abundance of both torque and power everywhere (my H1 was all or nothing) and effortless high speed cruising. My ride was on an empty interstate in the wee hours of the morning, and I held it at 120 mph until I was tired from hanging on against the wind. I had fantasies of owning one for a long time afterward.

    • Kid Thunder

      Wow what a bike to start with. I still have my 1975 Z1 I bought new in 75.. I gave it to my son a couple of years ago & he has restored it some what., He just saw it as an old bike until he road it! The attention he gets & how easy it was to ride surprised him!
      His Honda RC 51 just sits most days!!!

  • 2wheelsgood

    Enjoyed it very much, especially when he explains how the bike fit in the era, for those of us who weren’t in the biking world then. I would be interested in hearing more about the quirks they had as well. Looking forward to more of them.

  • Neale Bayly

    Thanks for all the great comments. Stay tuned friday for the Bimota SB2.

  • Kevin Duke
  • Kevin Duke
  • Dan Venables

    nice! I had an H2 and then the Z1 , I loved the sound of those pipes.
    Loved the wheelies on the H2 :).