Two weeks ago we had fun with Rad Brad Banister’s Rally Raid KTM 690. Last week we lathered up a lovely little bone-stock Honda CRF250L – to which alert MO reader sgray44444 posted this thing in the Comments: a Rally Raid-modded Honda CB500X.

I did not know there was such a thing, but there certainly needed to be, as we at MO love Honda’s modern 471cc Thai-built Twin in all its forms: F, R and X. The CB500X looks a bit like an adventure bike, but it really isn’t one. Maybe it can be?

Rally Raid builds products to transform all kinds of bikes into adventure ones when it’s not participating in actual rallies. RR sells all sorts of individual pieces for the CB-X, but since the bike itself is only $6,499, why not do the easy thing and spring for the entire Level 3 Adventure kit! A mere $2,646.33 will have several boxes at your doorstep packed with a new four-way adjustable rear shock that gives your rear wheel two inches more travel and linkage to make it work, new adjustable fork internals with 1.2-in. more travel, a new billet top clamp, 19- and 17-inch wire-spoke wheels with aluminum rims, a new front fender and a longer sidestand.

At that point, you’re looking at a sub-$10K adventure bike that weighs around 430 pounds gassed up (4.6 gallons), makes twice as much horsepower as the little CRF250L (45) while getting close to the same 60 mpg, and looks like it could go anywhere including to work every day.

Interesting. Giant Loop imports Rally Raid equipment into the U.S., or go straight to the source here.

  • JerryMander

    wtf are you hippies doing? That energy should have been used shaming Yamaha into bringing the MT-10 to America.

  • major tom

    More pics please!

  • JMDonald

    I’m sold.

  • Steve C
    • Ian Parkes

      Great demo and you can’t help being fascinated by every syllable: “…eempresseeve at hoighway spoids…”

    • Craig Hoffman

      Wow. That modded bike would be perfect for an around the world ride. It can go anywhere.

  • Scott Silvers

    very compelling

  • sgray44444

    awe shucks… I’m famous. Lol. Seriously though, the more I think about this kit, the more it makes sense. I do wish Honda would wise up and offer such a bike from the factory though. They’re really missing a great opportunity.

  • Ian Parkes

    This wins on the weight stakes, being 40lbs lighter – and cheaper – but the NC750X has roughly 40% more torque and it’s more handily placed. It peaks at 4750rpm – which has to be more helpful for skipping over logs than the CB500’s 7000 peak. And that weight penalty will be offset by the NC’s lower centre of gravity (with a full tank) too.

    • Vin

      Agreed! I have an NC700X and with a TKC80/K60 set it does really well off the pavement. The low center of gravity makes this thing feel WAY lighter than it should. The very torquey motor is perfectly matched to lower speed climbing of obstacles. All it needs is a touch more ground clearance. I’ve heard the CB500X shares a lot of the same components. Really makes me wonder, as if love to upgrade my suspension and the wheels!

  • Harold Olaf Cecil

    Here’s a better link:
    Since we built the first Rally Raid Honda CB500X in North America last May, our bike has been coast to coast, Trans America Trail east to west, Moab slick rock trails, OHV trails, California Highway 1 – 18,000+ miles – without missing a beat. Another bike built in Australia crossed the Simpson Desert. It’s proven to be incredibly versatile, offroad worthy, utterly reliable and easy to maintain – and the source of thousands of pleasantly surprised miles of smiles. Honda didn’t build it, so we did!

  • Cyr Tetowala

    Superbe moto et joli look ♥