• 12er

    6/10, the dual FZ’s was a trick…

    • Born to Ride

      That one was easy, the FZ07 swing arm is steel, FZ09 is aluminum.

  • Starmag

    5/10. I hope this test is going to be graded on a curve Professor Burns. I left an apple on your desk if that helps. I guess I need to brush up on single-sided swingarms. Still fun though.

  • Born to Ride

    9/10, completely forgot about the Terblanche Paul Smart lookalike bike. Figured it was another Bimota.

  • allworld

    6 out of 10, not great but………. if I did it again I know I would do better.

  • Vasil


  • Rahul Nair

    8/10 🙂

  • Ben Wingate

    10 for 10…sometimes I surprise myself with a lucky guess or two.