We know that opinions vary greatly, but we’re curious which company our readers think offers the best aftermarket suspension for Harley-Davidsons?

  • DickRuble

    Here’s a better poll: How many readers want to see this kind of nonsense poll every day?

    • john burns

      you’re right, we shoulda made that a Quiz. Match the pic with the brand.

      • DickRuble

        Or maybe get an HD loaner, have Brasfield install each of the above mentioned shocks and write a comparison .. I know.. takes work.. but the potential for laughs and eyeballs may be worth the effort..

    • Born to Ride

      We are actually in a rare agreement. I think these poll and quizlet postings should have their own feed. Not be under the main banner where we find our actual articles. All it does is serve to bury content that we come here to read. That being said, for the most part I enjoy the discussions they bring.

  • Branson

    I’ve heard of some HDs using Penske, though I’ve seen more on sport bikes.

  • Lance H

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Super Shox. http://www.supershox.com

  • Auphliam

    Not sure about the Glides, Dynas or Sportsters, but for Softails, Progressive is the best, IMO

  • Goose

    I haven’t tried them all but I can say the JRis I put on my Roadie a few months ago are a huge improvement over the worn Showas I had before. Since she sits directly over them the fact that my girlfriend noticed a big improvement in the ride is telling.

    No aggressive riding yet but the shocks feel like they will handle it well and balance nicely match the Race Tech springs and Cartage Emulators in the forks.

  • john phyyt

    It is a difficult job when most Harley’s give you such limited travel to work with. Even L.A. freeway expansion joints are jolts. Isn’t this a Hog’s home turf?

  • 12er

    I thought you’re not a man unless you rode a hardtail…

  • Scott Campbell

    For a price of a Harley you should not have to spend more on shocks, brakes, performance parts, seats, and exhausts. Comparable bikes have the best already installed especially the performance part. People will spend another $2000-$4000, on a new bike, to make a half ton bike still perform like a half ton bike.

    • Goose

      I agreed with you until you got to: “Comparable bikes have the best already installed especially the performance part.” Having done suspension work on nearly every bike in my history of 26 motorcycles I couldn’t disagree more. Manufacturers know crap suspension, like crap seats, doesn’t show up until you own the bike for a while. BMW and Harley are prime example of this failure but there are many more.
      The only bike I’ve ever owned that came with “the best” was my 2006 Ducati and even that bike’s suspension was wasn’t as good as a well sorted set of Ohlins or WP parts I’ve had on other bikes.
      I’m not letting Harley off the hook, I’m saying there should be a lot of companies skewered along with Harley.

      • Born to Ride

        My multistrada suspension(ohlins) is pretty fantastic stock. I’m sure with proper valve tuning and set up it’d be even better, but even compared to my ohlins equipped monster, the multi was perfect out of the box after an hours worth of clicker fiddling in the mountains. But other than that, every bike I’ve owned has required “modification” in order to give the compliance and control that I wanted, some to no avail.

      • Scott Campbell

        Harley is a premium bike. I always buy premium Ducati’s and KTM’s. I love my KTM super duke GT. Do not have to buy anything extra since I am buying a premium bike!

      • Scott Campbell

        I forgot. Many premium bikes offer electronic suspension which I believe is not offered by Harley, let alone Traction control or stability control with IMU on a half ton bike

  • Larry Kahn

    I have my doubts that enough Harley riders come to this site to make this a viable question/poll. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b771d85f4b44baea7393e2e142c4aa1d98db7c55ef5845febae62297c8f7f8db.jpg

    • Old MOron

      Ha ha, hadn’t seen Ernest P. Worrell in a long time. Thanks for the memories.

  • ADB

    Harley Davidsons need aftermarket shocks…? Who knew?

  • SRMark

    Any that gives another 2″ of travel