Of all the major motorcycle rallies in the United States, which one is your favorite?  Even if you’ve never been, we’d like your vote on the one you’d like most to attend.

  • faztang

    Dayum no love for Americade?

    • John A. Stockman

      Much love here! Went there on my KZ440 about 20 years ago, my first time going. No drunks, no I’m-a-badass-’cause-I-ride-a-certain-brand attitudes. Everyone was friendly and didn’t judge me because I wasn’t riding a GL, nor any derogatory comments about the size of my motorcycle. I could confidently ride some of the routes, or just go off exploring on my own without being concerned with people that aren’t wearing any gear, and/or have so little lean angle on their bikes they have a hard time negotiating corners…which there are a lot of in that area of NY.

  • Butch Schultz

    Rally : A bunch of drunks riding motorcycles.
    I’ll pass.
    Best Motorcycle Event ?
    That’s easy.
    Barber Vintage Days in October.
    Motorcycle Nirvana.

    • Mike Simmons


    • John A. Stockman

      The BEST Butch! I was wondering looking at the tag-line which ones would be on the list. Of course the huge poseur-fests are the only ones on the list. I’ve been to every one except Myrtle Beach. Went to Sturgis with my grandfather in the early 70s when it was still being organized by the Jack Pine club. I went by myself in the mid 90s on my KZ440 from Tacoma, WA. What a joke it had become. As a motorcyclist and not a biker, I felt so out of place on my “girls bike” KZ440, (quotes because I heard that many times), I vowed never to go again. Daytona, same thing. Laconia, ditto. V-twins, not a stitch of riding gear except for those fake half-helmets. Yes, a few of those are no-helmet-law states. I like to attend events where others are welcome, people care about their riding skills. At Sturgis, I saw more trucks/trailers/motorhomes bring bikes in than bikes being rode in, then showing up in town acting like they’ve been on the road for days. Maybe that was the height of the poseur-show-off times. I heard it’s even worse currently. Another of my favs is the Griffith Park Sidecar Rally. Friendly, passionate folks, very accepting, no booze. Plus, there’s the Griffith Park Observatory, which I also love. Oh well, go where you like, wear your kit or not, ride what you like; just don’t look down on me because I’m not riding the “right” bike or I choose to wear my kit.

      • Tom Pava

        I’ve ridden many bikes of different sizes and brands. Never had any serious issues, except from a very small minority of insecure loudmouths. A lot of what most people get out of these gatherings, is what they bring with them in the form of expectations. You can always find what you are looking for. Don’t let your own insecurities dominate your surroundings.

  • 12er

    The one I’m furthest away from…

    • Jim

      I agree. All of the attendees spent too much time standing in the corner, being bullied, or riding the pine bench when they were younger. The rally seems to provide an outlet for latent emotions, none of them good.

    • blansky

      Nailed it.

  • Sayyed Bashir


    • Douglas

      I’ll second, but BB&B shoulda been in there, too. Great riding in NW Ark. And really not sure Rolling Thunder could be called a rally….maybe a rallying point?

      • mohiggin

        I’l have to agree with you. BB & B isn’t too big yet.

  • tjeepdrv

    Daytona at least has some races…

    • Douglas

      Great flat track races at Sturgis & Rapid City…..hill climb, too. No hill climb at Daytona….not even any HILLS in Fla….beach & swamp…..snakes & alligators.

  • Vrooom

    I don’t have much desire to attend a rally like these. I had the misfortune of passing through Laughlin once during a rally, and it was hell. The streets were full of parked bikes, everybody is drunk and wandering the streets, there are few people actually on bikes, bottles being thrown, just ugly.

  • Bmwclay

    Hollister, in the old days.

    • Sayyed Bashir


  • Buck Hiltebeitel

    Lone Star Rally – Galveston, TX

    • Brian Coleman

      Love it! I’ve been there twice and plan on going this year too. I like it more than the ROT Rally, which is fun as well

  • The_BIG_cat

    How can anyone pick Sturgis over Daytona.
    Who the F ever says “boy those South Dakota girls are hot”.

    • Douglas

      Well, most of the hot ones stay away from Sturgis during the rally…..they know better.

  • None. I hate crowds.

    • ChrisRR

      Haha Jimmy! Hope all is well!

      • You’ll have to give me a clue to how we know each other.

        • ChrisRR

          1970 Honda CB350 that we rebuilt many summers ago

          • I stopped seeing you on FB. I wondered what happened.

          • Sayyed Bashir

            MO is Facebook for motorcyclists.

  • Jaime Cruz

    Probably the annual Americade in Lake George, NY.

    • ChrisRR

      Freddy’s Run? 😁

  • Phil W

    Americade is good.

  • Steve Ross

    Leesburg bike fest is great music and food without the crowds. You can go for a nice ride through the woods in/out no problem. Hosted by the locals they are great

  • striderx

    None of the above!

    Americade in Lake George, NY is better than all of those. Unmatched activities, great riding, beautiful scenery, great food and NO ATTITUDE.

    • John A. Stockman

      Great one. I didn’t even have a GL the first time I went and I felt at home riding my KZ440 at that time, a sure sign of NO ATTITUDES. Best part? No alcohol, no drunks. Some of the other events feature prominent sponsorship by companies that make hard booze and beer, which some bike manufacturers get behind. Nothing against it, just putting it together with motorcycles makes a bad partnership. I’ve seen the results of those two mixing together, and those are the events I stay away from, which are some on that list.

      • striderx

        Thanks John… Full disclosure. I was volunteer staff leading the Mini-Tours for 17 years until I relocated to the west coast. Americade remains by far my favorite having attended Laconia, Daytona and other rallies scattered across the country. To one of the points of your post, the name of the rally was changed from Aspencade to Americade specifically to avoid the impression that it’s a brand specific event. Everyone’s welcome!

  • hawkrider88

    None of the above. #1 is the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival. Great event, world class museum, great racing,and swap meet. Not a beer-tattoo-wet t-shirt event.

  • Larry Kahn

    Moto-Guzzi rallies are fun and friendly. Even if you don’t have a Guzzi you’ll feel totally welcome and have a nice time. And not a big crowd..

    • Rex Chaney

      The Guzzi events are great, and you are accepted by all. A great event is in New Mexico, Datil. August time period. Excellent

  • Rex Chaney

    The best event in the country is the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Northern Cal. REX https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3aa3e8a6c442325c44de4389beec195e47e04b811050e68367b48e24f8829cfd.jpg

    • Brian Wood


  • ChrisRR

    Daytona is fun, though the price gouging is sort of antithetical to what a motorcycle rally should be about, in my view

  • Paragon Lost

    I’ve been to a few over the years but over all these days I prefer to avoid them. I just don’t like the crowds, noise and antics of many of the drunken folks who go.

  • Rex Chaney

    I agree with a lot of the posters here. Many other events in the country better than those listed.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      For example?

  • Joe Bar

    AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. It’s a hoot!

  • Tanner

    Why no Beartooth/Red Lodge listed?

  • Mark Dickinson

    I’ve never been to a huge motorcycle event… but if I could attend any event it would be the Vintage Motorcycle Days in Ohio. https://www.amavintagemotorcycledays.com/

  • happyfred

    If you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all.

  • Vanishing Boy

    Don’t care about the people nor the events.

    Other than having a press privileges (still striving to get one), the best moto rally IMHO are the ones that has the most bikes I can demo ride in one day!

    Nevada hates Demo Days….

  • Lewis

    I like the Vintage Days at Mid Ohio, been there twice. Hope to make it to Barber very soon. Looks great and one of my buddies could not stop talking about his visit there.

  • badlandsnative

    Having read most of the comments on how bad Sturgis is . the trailers etc. I have to chime in, Being a residence of the Area for many years .I remember the guys and gals in the 60s and 70 s with the tents tied to the back of the bikes camping anywhere along road ditches and back yards. These same people come now with their kids in motorhomes towing trailers with their bikes.. They have paid their dues. and deserve to take a little comfort. Remember that many can no longer make that Iron Butt ride like they did 40 years ago. They enjoy the entertainment, and the beautiful roads all through the Black Hills and Wyoming.

  • Kiley Kennaway

    Lots of negative responses to this poll.

    Not really sure why…I mean it’s a poll.

    Maybe people just need a place to piss and moan.

    I’ve been to just about all of these…each one has something
    to offer but I picked Sturgis.

    I bet that will change once I get a chance to go to Arizona
    Bike Week.

    The riding around Sturgis is great and you can also make
    some great day trips or overnight to Yellowstone or Red Lodge and to BP

    I’m not big on huge crowds but they can easily be avoided.

    I do prefer smaller ones.

    Maggie Valley NC has about 6 small ones throughout the
    summer and I’ve been to a few of these and they are great.

    People’s opinion of me is irrelevant weather I trailer or
    i also just walk away from the ones that try to tell me what i can and cannot wear while riding lol
    That being said I consider myself a people person.

    I love the idea of seeing what people have added to their
    bikes whether it be sound or custom so I can compare.

    Or even finding out about a nice roadside attraction or
    waterfall or even a great place to eat.

    All of these things add to the idea of going to a rally.

    I’ve been to Americade and had a fine time.

    I have a strict rule about “not paying a cover charge” to go
    shopping but still had a good time

    Rolling Thunder…very impressive to get all those people for
    such an important event.

    I like Laconia…great riding in the area and I like that fact
    that I can get there in a days riding.

    Daytona…Great rally and I like the date.

    If you have been locked up at home cause of snow then
    Daytona is a great holiday….not much nice riding in the area but still a fun

    Did a wonderful ride along the ocean to go to Myrtle and
    also had a great time there.


  • mugwump

    The unplanned, accidental one that occurs in the tent camping area at a local or regional race.