In what appears to be a zombie-like resurrection of a formerly killed attempt from 2009, a proposal to impose a 100% tariff on European motorcycles between 51 – 500cc imported to the U.S. has risen from the dead and could result in, for example, a KTM RC390 costing a total of over $11,000 after the proposed tariff gets applied! The very same cost doubling would apply to any other motorcycle imported from the EU between 51 – 500cc if this tariff goes into effect. That Sword of Damocles would hand over a lot of exotic lightweight streetbikes, dirt bikes, Italian scooters, trials bikes, etc. It could prove quite catastrophic for major OEMs like KTM and Piaggio in addition to the other businesses that sell and service their products.

A great bike for $5,500. For $11,000, most riders will look elsewhere when the competition is retailing for slightly less than the KTM’s undoubled price.

A great bike for $5,500. For $11,000, most riders will look elsewhere when the competition is retailing for slightly less than the KTM’s undoubled price.

This dastardly deed is currently being perpetrated in an Office of United States Trade Representative “Request to Reinstate Action Taken in Connection with European Union’s Measures Concerning Meat and Meat Products.” What do “meat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled” have in common with “Roquefort cheese in original loaves;” “cut flowers and flower buds, suitable for bouquets or ornamental purposes;” “dried tomatoes, in powder;” “prepared or preserved liver of goose;” “corned beef in airtight containers;” “chewing gum, whether or not sugar-coated;” “prepared mustard;” “motorcycles (incl. mopeds) and cycles, fitted with reciprocating internal-combustion piston engine with cylinder capacity of over 50 cc but not over 250 cc;” and “motorcycles (incl. mopeds) and cycles, fitted with reciprocating internal-combustion piston engine with cylinder capacity of over 250 cc but not over 500 cc” have in common? They’re all included in the list of items “under consideration for the imposition of increased duties in accordance with the WTO DSB authorization in the EU-Beef dispute.” Yes, the bastards tried to hide their egregious fuckery in a beef bill.


Oddly, both Motorcycles and “guts, bladders and stomachs of animals (other than fish)” are involved in an international beef dispute? And why do the fish get a free ride? Aren’t their guts a tad more similar to beef bladders than a 250cc scooter is?

Last year’s Vespa Primavera 150 retailed for $4,899. The tariff would make it $9,798 – a likely no sale, no matter how pretty the 2017 model’s red paint is.

Last year’s Vespa Primavera 150 retailed for $4,899. The tariff would make it $9,798 – a likely no sale, no matter how pretty the 2017 model’s red paint is.

In case you think we’re being hyperbolic, consider this: Most motorcycle dealerships are small- to medium-sized businesses, providing income to the owners and the other people employed by the dealership, who, in turn, spend their money at local businesses for necessities like food. If levied, the 100% tariff could cause these businesses to fail, putting their employees out of work and reducing spending in other local businesses.

Clearly, this tariff will affect more than just the European manufacturers of the motorcycles, which the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) says includes: Aprilia, Beta, BMW, Ducati, Fantic, Gas Gas, Husqvarna, KTM, Montesa, Piaggio, Scorpa, Sherco, TM, and Vespa. The lost sales of these marques from the tariff could also ripple through the aftermarket from companies that sell products directly related motorcycles in question to protective gear manufacturers to even, possibly venues where these motorcycles could be ridden.

All is not doom and gloom, however. First, back in 2009 the same 100% tariff for 51–500cc motorcycles from the EU was proposed, but it was defeated prior to wreaking havoc on the EU manufacturers and the U.S. dirt bike market. Second, we still have more than two weeks to comment on the proposal. There are two ways to comment: submit them electronically via the Federal eRulemaking Portal: or add your voice to those of other motorcyclists through an AMA web form. All comments should be respectful and cite specific examples of how this ill-conceived tariff will negatively impact our sport, the people who participate in it, and those who pay their bills from jobs associated with motorcycling.

For those who want to do more than just comment on the proposal and actually prefer to show up for the Wednesday, February 15, 2017 hearings in Rooms 1 and 2 at 1724 F Street NW., Washington, DC 20508, beginning at 9:30 a.m., you will need to fill out the comment form with the argument you plan to make at the hearing and state your intention of being there.

As with the failed 2009 attempt to impose this tariff, we expect the AMA’s official opposition statement should be similar to the one previously submitted: “There is no logical link between European motorcycles and the dispute over beef. Imposing these stiff tariffs on motorcycles would do nothing to resolve the trade dispute, but would punish American buyers of European motorcycles. A 100 percent ad valorem, or higher, tariff on these motorcycles will cause serious and potentially irreversible harm to American small- and medium-sized business owners selling the vehicles. Additionally, citizens will be denied access to certain models of competition and recreation motorcycles that contribute to the lifestyle and well-being of millions of American families.”

MO will be following developments closely and will keep our readers apprised of any new information as it becomes available.

  • Born to Ride

    Where do I sign a petition to get this ass clownery shot down?

    • Evans Brasfield

      At the links within the text. I’d recommend the AMA link.

  • mikstr

    This kind of crap will likely become the norm as the new C-I-C and his team work at “making America great again”

    • Buzz

      Yeah, it’s Trump’s fault.

      Why is every lefty fuck up either the fault of someone who’s been out of office for eight years or someone who hasn’t served a day yet?

      • mikstr

        if you spent less time flying off at the handle and learned to master verb tenses you might actually comprehend the reply I wrote. To make it simple for you I did not blame your Saviour in waiting but said such behaviour will become the norm; notice the subtle difference? Read it over a few times and you will eventually get it…or do I have to resort to pictures? funny how trailer trash like Buzz assume everyone is a lefty when they can’t make out the gist of a message

        • Buzz

          Sorry Mikey. He’s not my savior. I don’t worship politicians like Lefties do. I just choose the less horrible one.

          • mikstr

            well, I will say your choice last time around was between two less than desirable candidates….

          • Kenneth

            “I don’t worship anyone…especially not politicians of any stripe”

            Nor a sleazy, narcissistic salesman.

          • major tom

            You mean Obama right?

        • Phark

          No you did not, you just implied it. Funny how psuedo-intellectual trash like mikstr love to look down their nose at those they believe beneath them. The “I’ve got mine, f..k everybody else” attitude is on full display.

          • mikstr

            re-read the post Einstein…

            P.S. what’s a psuedo anyway?

          • Phark


            strongly suggest the truth or existence of (something not expressly stated)

            of a fact or occurrence) suggest (something) as a logical consequence.

          • mikstr

            chew on “will likely become the norm ” for a while, it may yet come to you……

          • Phark

            Predicting the future based on current information is suggesting a logical extrapolation of current data. . Or are you throwing bones on a skin like a Caribbean neanderthal to gain your profundity.

            In either case you are implying the outcome with “will likely”

          • mikstr

            hmmm, sure reads like “psuedo-intellectual” dribble to me; Pot, meet Kettle, lol…. given your incapacity to master verb tenses, you likely can’t understand what you just wrote 🙂

          • Phark

            No Bub, I have the benefit of not having had my head contaminated by American professors and teachers. You are the poster child to justify they all be exterminated for their crimes against humanity.

            You would probably presume to lecture a Spaniard about his language based on your knowledge of Mexican.

          • mikstr

            would love to agree, but as I am Canadian, I am not well positioned to comment on the merits of the American educational system. Nice (trolling) try though… It is becoming quite obvious that the psuedo-intellectual in this debate is one who goes by Phark… anyhow, while I would love to stick around and debate with you, your posts inadvertently remind of the words of wisdom of one George Carlin: “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

            Have a wonderful psuedo evening……

          • Phark

            I’m sorry dude. Putting you in a position of having to out yourself as member of country that can best be described as the enema insertion point of the continent. It would have been less humiliating to confess to molesting small dogs.
            Now the libturd mentality all fits. Next we will be treated to a non binary declaration.
            How’s that dumbass Trudeau workin’ out for you? Importing jihadis. Way to go.

            The audacity to cast aspersions on the US citizens choice. What a joke.

          • Evans Brasfield

            Now boys, play nice. This is a public sandbox, and nobody likes it when someone takes a crap in it.

          • mikstr

            Thanks George C., your wisdom is as timeless as it is true…

          • Buzz

            Ah a Canadian. That explains everything. The Queen is on your money!

          • mikstr

            and here I was hoping you wouldn’t notice Elizabeth on our currency – you got me Captain Obvious!

            by chance, are you, Phark and the major triplets? seems you all have the same deficient genes, lol.

          • Buzz

            I’m almost a 20 year MOFO and the Queen joke will readily recognized by long timers. Yes I know it’s Canadian owned. I’ve enjoyed burritos with the resident Canadian on staff Mr Duke.

            Now why don’t you shut off your superiority complex for a while and go get your shine box.

          • mikstr

            superiority complex? Hardly. You are misinterpreting my intolerance for narrow-minded neanderthals who lash out at anyone who doesn’t tow their line to a “t” – I made one simple comment/prediction (which, to anyone who followed Trump’s positions and statements during the election, knows is extremely probable) and all of a sudden the trailer park boys get their panties in a knot and start firing from all barrels… It’s a forum fer chrissake and people express opinions, get used to it! FWIW, I think Trump is a dangerous megalomaniac, but so is Hillary (different shade of same) and I think America deserved better than both of them…

          • Buzz

            We don’t need any advice from a Trudeau voter.

          • mikstr

            Who me? Naw, not that it matters though as your narrow mind is obviously already made up anyhow (your type having no time for facts for it ruins your delusion). Anyhow, pretty obvious you’re a lost cause, just like your clones who came and chimed in before… poor, pathetic braindead lumps of wasted organic matter… with dimwits like you America will need all the help it can get…

          • major tom

            Oh great one, he who sees all, you of the elite able to divine the future, I’m in awe.So far things are looking up though don’t you think?

          • mikstr

            I am soooooooo sorry… I know, I know, the nerve of someone expressing himself on a public forum (to make matters worse, a prediction that any sane person can reasonably expect based on numerous public statements made during the campaign; I mean, if free thought and liberty of expression don’t scream elite and lefty, what does, right?)…

            didn’t realise this place was such a dog and pony show…

            so, the floor is yours, feel free to spew as you are surely so apt to do…

          • mikstr

            BTW, your replies are taking on the allure of a “psuedo-intellectual”…. remember the old glass houses adage? lol

          • Phark

            it is the fat fingered version of pseudo. But then you knew that already because I am not the first to point out your hollow facade.

          • mikstr

            ouch, a stinging rebuke from The Pit……

        • Bananapants Ficklefart

          It already is the norm, you dolt, as it was originally created in 2009 during the administration of The Lightbringer.

      • manfromsima

        Wait just a min I thought we were still in the blame Bush era until this friday 1/20/17.At that time we switch to its Obamas fault.

        • Evans Brasfield

          From my research, the list was initial compiled and approved 1999 and keeps getting rolled over during disputes. So Bush and Obama haters can both cool their jets.

          I’m working on an update…

      • Vrooom

        This sounds like the work of Congress rather than the work of a presidential administration. However if we do get into a bunch of trade wars, I get mikstr’s point.

      • Jay F

        Then who is signing this stuff into law? Who from the House & Senate support/oppose this?
        Educate us.

  • GreggJ

    Actually the EU would be happy to accept our beef, as long as we shipped them beef that was certified not to be full of growth hormones and other nasty stuff. But the large corporate owned producers in this country refuse to do that. Here is the link to the Congressional Research Service PDF that details it, in terms much more favorable to large USA based agribusiness and their chemical suppliers of course.

    • E-Nonymouse A

      I suspect large portions of beef or poultry in the US is not sourced from the U.S.
      China & Canada are a few of the sources of meat(s) found in the U.S.
      This isn’t about ‘murica agriculture vs EU, the EU does it too. In fact the EU for long time considered it legit for animal parts and other stuffs to be blended into feed for chickens,cows, pigs etc.
      This is linked to problems like mad cow disease and other stuff. Point being all sides are dirty in this stuff.
      If people want non-artificially enhanced food products, the only way they have the slightest hope of getting it this way, is to grow it themselves rather than complain about it. 😛

  • matt

    Outsid of the HD Street 500, is there another american bike they are trying to protect? And that doesn’t compete with the KTM 390 variants, or BMW 310 variants. Can someone please enlighten me?

    • mugwump

      It’s not about our bikes, it’s about our ag business.

      • Vrooom

        I suspect mugwump is right, Europe doesn’t want as much of our beef as we’d like to sell them for reasons that probably involve hormones and antibiotics (this is a WAG on my part) but since they don’t produce as much beef as we do, penalizing their beef exports won’t be painful enough, so they (Congress) lumps a bunch of other stuff in.

    • Bruce Steever

      What type of machine is dominated by engines specifically in the 250cc and 450cc varieties? There’s a lot more at stake here than just a few entry-level learner bikes…

  • Numbone

    Why on earth did you elect him?

    • Kenneth

      He has promised to bring back the wonderful 1950s – ’60s for all those American workers who used to be able to raise a middle class family on a blue-collar job (enabled by the bargaining power of some now-neutered labor union). ‘Sounds good, doesn’t it? ‘Gotta build “a beautiful wall” to keep those sneaky Mexicans from taking all our good-paying jobs! Robotics replacing ever-more workers? Oh, well, we don’t want to talk about that.

  • JMDonald

    The idiots in Washington are legion. F¥€£ tariffs. If they want to help business cut tax rates. Across the board. For everyone. Especially corporate rates. Our government is corrupt.

    • Phark

      The idiots in Washington elected by idiots like you are the reason this situation exists in the first place. I realize the concept of reducing this nation from net exporter to net importer is above your comprehension, but there another 322 million people who live here and the vast majority couldn’t give a flying f… whether you can have access to the latest EU motorcycle so you can pose.
      And you can be sure most of them didn’t vote for Trump. All they know is it is getting tougher to survive in a country that is imploding thanks to “Free Trade” vs Fair Trade. The farmers’ lobby carry a big stick and they are wielding it.

      • JMDonald

        Miss Phark,
        Tariffs add to the cost of products imported into the country. How does this help the citizen consumer? It doesn’t. What manufacturer in the U.S. would they be protecting? None. It would however affect existing businesses that import, sell or maintain these small bikes. What about them? The country is burdened by an over bearing federal bureaucracy that punishes citizens and businesses with burdensome tax rates. If they want to help, lower our taxes. It is not the purpose of government to force anyone to purchase products we produce. The only idiot commenting here is you. It’s the free market not free trade or fair trade F¥€£ stick.

        • Phark

          Whaddup sweetheart?
          The only way there will ever be a dent put in the national debt is for his country to return to being a net exporter. I realize that greedy pricks only care about themselves and f..K the future generations. But not everyone is so self-absorbed. So maybe it is time for people like you to feel a little of the pain the 92 million out of work Americans have been enduring the past 24 years courtesy of the idiots in Washington who have been selling this country off to feather their nests and accommodate their paymasters.
          The 100% is ridiculous but if you want 15% you don’t start negotiating at 5%.
          Sadly till the manufacturing sector is rebuilt the exports of energy, agriculture, IT and medical are going to have to continue the heavy lifting but it is up to the govt to maximize the volume.
          It is a pity we can’t export f@#$ing lawyers and libturds.

          • JMDonald

            You are wrong about the debt. The government is the giant tick that sucks the blood out of its citizens. Downsizing the federal monstrosity to its constitutionally enumerated powers only, forcing them to operate under a balanced budget will alleviate the debt more than anything including the imposition of tariffs. Tariffs do nothing to cure any of the economic ills that the government has created. It’s the government that created the debt not the citizens. People like me? I unlike people like you understand that the government always has been and always will be the enemy of the people. If they are concerned about creating an atmosphere that business can thrive in they can. Cut Taxes! Crony capitalism is not capitalism. F¥€£ them and the horse (or Harley) they rode in on. I find it funny that you think people like me should feel a little pain. Why should I? I have worked all my life having been forced the whole time to support the progressive leftist retards in government. Like I said. F¥€£ them. It is not the responsibility of the government to pick winners and losers. It is their responsibility to protect it citizenry. One of the enumerated powers. The sooner it is downsized the better.

          • Phark

            Your point to downsizing is crucial. The balanced budget equally so. More importantly shrinking the budget to necessities only so it comes in way below GDP is the ideal. Leaving the current bureaucracy in place and expecting them to oversee the transformation of the very system they created is like putting crack dealers in charge of drug rehab.
            The real problem is Americans are cowards. They don’t want to do the hard things like sacrifice, They are scared sh1tless at being accused of being intolerant. That combined with white guilt force fed 24/7 starting in kindergarten has allowed the parasitic community and financial drain to swell. Now the parasites are in charge at every level starting at school board level on up.

            Every election cycle a handful of new replacements get sent to the hole to go make change. Talk about a fart in a windstorm.

            The Five Monkeys Experiment

            An experimenter puts 5 monkeys in a large cage. High up at the top of
            the cage, well beyond the reach of the monkeys, is a bunch of bananas.
            Underneath the bananas is a ladder.

            The monkeys immediately spot the bananas and one begins to climb the
            ladder. As he does, however, the experimenter sprays him with a stream
            of cold water. Then, he proceeds to spray each of the other monkeys.

            The monkey on the ladder scrambles off. And all 5 sit for a time on
            the floor, wet, cold, and bewildered. Soon, though, the temptation of
            the bananas is too great, and another monkey begins to climb the ladder.
            Again, the experimenter sprays the ambitious monkey with cold water and
            all the other monkeys as well. When a third monkey tries to climb the
            ladder, the other monkeys, wanting to avoid the cold spray, pull him off
            the ladder and beat him.

            Now one monkey is removed and a new monkey is introduced to the cage.
            Spotting the bananas, he naively begins to climb the ladder. The other
            monkeys pull him off and beat him.

            Here’s where it gets interesting. The experimenter removes a second
            one of the original monkeys from the cage and replaces him with a new
            monkey. Again, the new monkey begins to climb the ladder and, again, the
            other monkeys pull him off and beat him – including the monkey who had never been sprayed.

            By the end of the experiment, none of the original monkeys were left
            and yet, despite none of them ever experiencing the cold, wet, spray,
            they had all learned never to try and go for the bananas.

            Despite the exhortations from politicians to be innovative and collaborative, cold water is poured on people and their ideas whenever someone tries something new.
            (witness reaction to Trump)

            So some guy who stares down at the forest instead of focusing on the individual trees sees the source of the problems, much like those printsthat invaded every shopping mall across America in the ’90s that looked
            like a crackhead got into a an artist’s palate. So he says,

            “Hey I think I see the problem. We can fix this. It will be tough but we can do

            Perhaps worse,the 99% including the ever swelling parasitic element elect officials who hire bureaucrats who suppress innovation, and learned helplessness spreads throughout the country..Then when the guy who wants to try new ideas to fix things he runs into a wall of “I’ve got mine, screw everybody else and screw you for jeopardizing my access to everything I’m entitled to”.

  • john phyyt

    Mmmmm : I am old enough to recall a Tariff was helpful to H.D. Remember the 700cc jap bikes. Seems Jap bikes are okay this time. . ..

  • John B.

    In an effort to reduce the vitriol in my life, I resolved not to discuss politics in public forums in 2017. No loss in this instance since I have no expertise in economic effects related to tariffs.

    So far in 2017, angst-laden political discussions flourish without me (see, comments infra). On the plus side, I have not been called ignorant, uneducated, fascist, or other pejorative term in weeks. Feels good.

    I hope Americans with jobs remain employed, and that those who seek employment have renewed success finding work. I’m optimistic 2017 is going to be a great year.

    • Jon Jones

      A fine post. Perhaps I’ll do the same.

    • HazardtoMyself

      You ignorant uneducated fascist; how could you possibly take such a position?

      Hell, somebody had to do it.

      Hopefully all of us can reduce the amount of negativity in our lives this year. Might do us all some good to try and be a little more positive instead of having to put the gloves on for every possible topic.

      Here is to a 2017 full of safe and fun riding for all.

    • Polly Molly Moo

      The thing is, it’s not as if there are an overwhelming number of US-manufactured bikes in this sector: up to 500cc so it’s not as if Harley, Victory, Indian etc. would benefit. The only companies that would do well are the Japanese / Taiwanese / Chinese manufacturers, assuming Trump hasn’t fallen out with them and sent a few nukes over to sort ’em out.

    • Bruce Steever
    • E-Nonymouse A

      Harley Davidson is notorious for lobbying in favor of crippling trade sanctions against countries who manufacture motorcycles to sell in the U.S.
      Meanwhile their own bikes are less than perfect and very overpriced.
      I’ll take a ‘foreign’ made vehicle before I ever consider others.
      There’s an additional wrinkle to this, while so-called U.S. based companies are lobbying for tariffs or restrictions, you can bet the smart money guys in each of these companies is also investing in the competition who are importing into the US so they can have it both ways.
      It’s a global economy now folks, almost no independently owned U.S. businesses left, if they do exist are still dependent on foreign goods.
      Ouroboros anyone!? 😀

  • It’s the new Chicken Tax. I’ll let you Google that one.

  • Starmag

    Other countries have trade tariffs for our goods. It would be great to see small motorcycle manufacturing and other industry return to the U.S. It might provide some jobs for all those illegal, oops, I mean “undocumented” “workers”.

  • Tod Rafferty

    Has anyone bothered to identify the lobbyists who sneaked this one in? Or the companies they represent?

  • spiff

    At the end of the day if this doesn’t sound good then go to the AMA link and sign the petition.

  • allworld

    If they do this, I personally will boycott all American Beef products.

    • Phark

      Yeah screw the American farmer who feeds the nation as long as your fat ass is comfortable.

      • allworld

        Not all American farms are in the beef industry, and farmers who supply meat induced with chemicals and hormones, are their own problem.
        The government should have to protect farmers that produce food, that other countries won’t eat.

  • cg

    This is all about the penchant for volumes of regulations authored and imposed by the Obama regime. It will go away with the new administration. Obama totally embraced the EU economy hence the 2009 fail. Trump hates regulation in all it’s forms but leans towards reasonable import taxes similar to many VATs around the world of 15 to 25%. I see this going away again or items getting carved out in committee. WTO demagoguery.

    • Kevin Duke

      “This is all about the penchant for volumes of regulations authored and imposed by the Obama regime.”
      This legislation was authored by a Republican congress and adds more regulations.

      • cg

        Starting January 2009, at the beginning of the 111th Congress, in the month that Barack Obama was inaugurated president, the House was made up of 257 Democrats and 178 Republicans. The Senate was 57 Democrats and 41 Republicans. There is no question that Democrats had total control from 2009-2011. As they did in the 110th 112th and 113th. Whether it was authored by a RINO makes no difference Obama regime fully and wholeheartedly embraces more regulation and big government.

        • Kevin Duke

          Well, the 111th Congress also introduced ACA legislation, but you don’t see our current Republican-controlled congress reintroducing that! What’s in their bill is up to them, not up to Democrats.

          IMO, there should be a law that prevents unrelated items to be thrust into a bill like this ag one.

          • cg

            I agree. Bill riders (no pun intended) should be legislatively outlawed. All riders and addendum should be related strictly to the Bill at consideration. I still can’t figure out what the actual power to regulate this quasi agency has and what oversight is done and who does it. My wife worked in the Senate for awhile she may have some insight into this OUSTR. The power to regulate has oversight at every level especially if top manager is an appointee with a political agenda from the previous administration.

          • John A. Stockman

            Also a law that prevents “career” politicians and taking money from special interests and corporations. Serve one term, get a stipend to pay expenses while you represent (NO legacy or lifetime benefits), and then go back to your home & chosen career/job and let another represent your state/district. Too many old goats that have long forgotten how to properly run a farm in this era. I can’t believe all this drivel about someone’s politics and beliefs. Anyone really think some forum post is going to change a myopic mind? It’s about including items in a bill, law, etc. that have NOTHING to do with the matter at hand. The only thing food and motorcycling have in common is when I’m riding in a new area/country and come across that amazing mom/pop diner that’s happy to see two wheels pull up in the parking space.

  • philo7

    I hope the EU doesn’t give in. America will cave first due to so many great products being affected, what with all of the attention various matters receive nowadays.

    This is really the doings of the Beef industry here in America. They are very powerful. Think about it. Wolves are endangered, yet ranchers can kill wolves on public property if the rancher feels his cattle are in danger.

    The EU does not want our shitty (literally) beef that is also laden with hormones, so they deny its entry. The Beef industry wants to force the EU to take it (to increase beef profits) and comes up with this crappy tariff.

    I say let’s all ban US beef (or at least limit your intake drastically.)

    • Ron Zu

      I stopped eating beef over 10 yrs ago. Welcome to the club.

    • Michael Mccormick

      I’m cooking a grass fed beef steak as I have a choice in the US. The American Mororcyclist Association has a link to the US trade authority where we all need to tell them to leave our motorcycle choices free of intervention

  • Michael Mccormick

    Why doesn’t the EU lift the ban and let their consumers choose to not eat it? Then we could buy their motorcycles and scooters at normal prices. No, that would be free trade.

    • philo7

      Right. Just as consumers in the US may decide to eat or not. The only issue is in the US any law proposed to label foods with what is actually in them gets shot down. So consumers generally have no idea.

  • Wally

    What? The US wants to put import fees on small European motorcycles because they don’t want our growth hormone injected (infected) beef? Now that’s some funny stuff right there! 🏍=🐂

  • Joshua Placa

    Nice work, Evans, well done. Looking forward to the follow-up and comment from dealers.

  • Rich

    Sorry; if the bikes are not made here, they should be subject to tariff. Why are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki not on this list? Because the final assembly, or more, provides jobs here. The EU doesn’t want our chemically grown beef, and neither do I. I never shop for my “fresh” or frozen food at Walmart, BJ’s, Cosco, etc. I buy it at a local market or go out to the back forty, and find it where it’s made…. Even if you live in suburbia or the city, you can find local food, and it doesn’t have to be the horribly expensive “organic” hype to be better for you than the factory stuff from our mega-farms. If you want to send your money to the manufacturers in the EU, pay the tariff; otherwise, chose to buy as local as you can and help your neighbors and your country.

    • Kevin Duke

      What Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawi motorcycles do you think are built/assembled in the USA?

      • Bruce Steever

        Maybe he’s thinking about ATVs and ROVs?

    • dbc105

      Rich, the last Japanese manufact to make a bike here was Kawasaki and they moved back to Japan years ago. You would do well to get a clue before making a statement with no knowledge of fact. We already have an incoming President that is doing that, we don’t need anyone else doing it.

    • Rich

      So I guess I’m clueless, and I must be dumber than the incoming President, because I couldn’t figure out how he was gonna win the election…. I thought: Honda still built bikes in Marysville, Ohio; Star (Yamaha) in Calif.; Kawasaki in Nebraska, and Suzuki….Ok, that was a guess. But I still believe that if you buy foreign made products and object to a tariff, you might as well agree that “shipping” jobs overseas is just fine too, and I don’t. I also know it’s impossible to find some products that are made in the USA, but if I need it, I’ll try to find it made here. If I can live without it, I’ll spend my dollars on something else. I don’t think that’s terrible, and I wonder why people get all pissed off because a couple politicians are trying to keep American jobs and dollars at home….but I’ll awkwardly stumble out of this debate.

      • Brett Lewis

        As a consumer, I would endure some short-term pain for long term gain. If it would encourage American manufacturers to fill the void with standards, ADVs, sport-tourers, etc. then I would say tax away on the imports, at least until they got a foothold in the market. It would be great US manufacturers could employ more workers, and avoid the fate of Victory. (By the way, I didn’t vote for #1 or #2 on the ballot)

  • ClarkeJohnston

    Harley killed Buell, and they had a Blast. Don’t expect to see Briggs ‘n Stratton thumpers any day soon.

  • therr850

    Now that we have a bunch of name calling, finger pointing and tongue wagging out of the way,,, how about going to the AMA site and sending some support with them to try to block this nonsensical bureaucratic action. If the EU won’t take our beef because of growth injections then fight back with something else agricultural instead of something mechanical that is completely unrelated and will hurt many small businesses throughout the our country.

  • thm4855 Its time to sell my HD Lowrider, and buy a BMW, and I wonder how many US jobs will be lost because the american taxraise according to import of EUmc.s ?

  • mog

    First, I do not want to see American small business people hurt.
    Second, they would not collapse, they’ll find a way to prosper w/o nanny.
    Third, new AMERICAN MC micro companies would spring up.
    Fourth, you would have more choice and employment in the industry.
    Fifth, ‘mad cow disease’ was killing EU not USA consumers, remember?
    Sixth, after a year or so you would have real choices.

    If you can not agree with those ideas you should just fold your tent and
    go across either border or to the EU where you will be sheltered from being
    hurt by any business (if you are fortunate enough to fill out all the paperwork).

    Solutions to adversity are the food for inventive business start ups. The
    current government sucks and so does this potential legislation. But to
    those who have got a fire in their gut and real motivation, such legislation
    is a God send for them and the rider who wants a really new good bike.

  • major tom

    I prefer organic myself. Have you ever seen a cattle trade magazine? Nothing but ads for chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. Good for Europe.

  • dbc105

    If ATF had funding and was going to start building American made dirt bikes again I would be all for this but since that is not the case and since the GOP lead Congress doesn’t seem to be able to see any further than their payoffs we may well be screwed on this one. Now with Trumputin going to sign everything they will pass with 51 votes those of us that prefer the superior KTM over the Japanese bikes will be screwed and of course as the GOP has proven time and time again what Americans want has no bases in their plans. Typical GOP, since Big Beef has payed them off stop all European motorcycles because they don’t ride so why would they care. And if they did Honda will give them a bike for doing this.

  • mog

    I am quite sure that Erik Buell Racing (note the word RACING) would fill the gap to 500cc with a single or twin with no less competence than the yellow bike shown below, a $4000 less expensive EBR 1190RX, that challenges the Ducati Panigale.

    What a bunch of cry babies that blame stupid laws of the past decades on a President elect who is not even in office. Talk about your timing out of sync!!

    How can anyone consider your competency to speak with or for others in motorcycling, when you cannot get current history correct? You really do need to get all that crying and rending of your garments out of your system before you bloviate.

    Such a law is stupid to place a 100% tax on incoming motorcycles from the EU, yes.
    But are so many actual, money in the pockets, buyers thinking that the USA has no other independent MC builders? Are you so weak and tit suckled by nanny that you cannot imagine what an opportunity would present itself for new builders? Sheesh.

  • lespau

    well, it does not impact on ev/electrics, so it might be a good move for the manufacturers.

  • No_1_Utard

    Doesn’t a100% tariff increase mean increasing the current tariff by 100%? I don’t think this means doubling the price. I tried to research, and found the current tariff to be 10%. So now it would be 20%. Roughly meaning an $8k bike would now be $750 more. Still a major increase for a BS reason. Can anyone verify what the increase really is?

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Evans, I have created the following petition on that needs to be signed by 100,000 motorcyclists in 30 days to be acted upon by the administration. The beef industry is currently limiting the engine size to 500 cc to gauge the reaction of motorcyclists. If there is no reaction, they will up the limit to 1000 cc or higher for more effect. It is important that all motorcyclists take a stand and nip this in the bud.

  • Malcolm Turncoat


  • SRMark

    I should be saving more for my retirement anyway.

  • therr850

    If I remember correctly, the US banned beef from England due to Mad Cow disease. England, and later the EU, retaliated by banning our chemical beef. Now we “think” it is fair to put a tarriff on motorcycles causing what this bureaucracy is hoping to do, put many small businesses out of work? Our small businesses? I understand completely?