Just like Bruce Allen says in his preview of Catalunya, “Suddenly, the season is getting away from Rossi.” Can the chosen one earn his first win in Barcelona in seven years? Is it a foregone conclusion that one of the three dominant Spaniards will win? Or maybe the kid from Figueres will mark his arrival as an official alien, having now sewn up the Yamaha contract, by winning on homeground. The spoilers to the party are Dovizioso and Iannone, both with something to prove.

Choose correctly and MO editor John Burns will pay you $1 million in $1 annual installments.

  • Bruce Allen

    The prize is a straight ripoff of the Polish national lottery–a dollar a year for a million years. The only rider capable of beating Lorenzo is Lorenzo.

    • Will

      I prefer a lump sum payment. (Methuselah lived to the age of 969 but odds are I won’t come close to that)

  • spiff

    If I win I want my payments in nickels.

  • Old MOron

    To the 33 of you, besides Spiff and me, who voted for Valentino, well done!

    • fzrider

      I suggest you call J G Wentworth. It’s your money and you want it (I assume) now!

    • spiff

      They’re coming along. If we are patient they will all see the light.

    • Evans Brasfield

      We were right, too!