Cast your vote for who’s gonna win this week’s MotoGP race in Austin. Hint: Marc Marquez has won every MotoGP race held at COTA since the track’s Grand Prix debut in 2013. Can he make it 4 in a row?

  • John B.

    I am interested to see how many people attend MotoGP at COTA this year. The United States lost two MotoGP stops in the last two years (Laguna and Indy), and if attendance at COTA continues to decline that stop may also be in jeopardy. Almost everyone loves Austin (even Californians), which makes weekend hotel rates and occupancy levels very high. MotoGP ticket prices are reasonable compared to other sports events, but a properly executed 3-day weekend in Austin is pricey.

    Life is good for Texans in the bourgeois class and warm early spring weather offers many entertainment options. That is to say, Texans are major league bandwagoners, and to succeed sports events must offer something new and exciting (e.g., MotoGP and Formula One at COTA circa 2013), involve a football, or feature a team in contention for a championship.

    If Dorna Sports, S.L., wants the MotoGP event to sell out, it should schedule a fan meet and greet with the Texas Longhorns Football team before the feature race, or have a gun show concurrent with race weekend. Now we’re talk’n!

    • Mahatma

      Why did they stop using Laguna seca?Safety?Just replace epic tracks with generic ones.I think MotoGP is heading in the same direction F1 is,and that is disheartening:(

      • Yamaha spent a fortune helping cash-strapped, not-for-profit Laguna Seca enhance its safety prior to GP racing returning to the track in 2005. So, it’s not safety, it’s money. SCRAMP cannot afford to foot the bill Dorna is charging. Blame it on the nearby residents who are using their money and influence to choke the life from Laguna Seca – even though the track was their long before its rich neighbors. You can’t even run a track day there without the sound nazis threatening to boot you out.

        • John B.

          One of the only things I recall about nuisance law is it doesn’t matter who was there first. Too bad. I always thought Laguna was the ideal place for a mid-summer MotoGP stop.

          COTA is not near any residential neighborhood and is a fantastic venue, but it seems MotoGP attendance has declined since the inaugural race. With such great attendance for MotoGP abroad it may be difficult for COTA to keep its race.