I’ve been planting citronella around the house to ward off the West Nile mosquitoes, but it would be way more interesting to fire something like this up on the back porch now and then:

“The Moto3 package here at MotoHangar, as seen on our award winning Suzuki GT 550 coined the ‘Honduki’ includes every thing previously listed as well as full suspension changes/swaps to USD forks and rear mono shock swing arm. Custom oil reservoir (if necessary), matching wheels, elaborate metal work, very custom one off seats and tails, one off headlights and tail lights, and full from the ground up restoration. Once the bike’s customizations are complete; the bike is then torn back down, painted, polished, restored, and reassembled to near new condition.”
Est. Build Time:
Est. Total Cost: 12-24+ Weeks
Suzuki GT 550 The Honduki by MotoHangar 02
As you may have guessed, MotoHangar also offers Moto1 and Moto2 rebuilds for less dollars, along with many other services. Lots of other really interesting bikes at their site too.


  • 12er

    Am I missing most of the story or just my usual Gov. of the State of Confusion?

    • john burns

      We’re all supposed to do “Mini-features”, 3 or 4 a week, that take 1/2 hour do do to boost MO content. BAM!

      • Craig Hoffman

        The bike I posted was created by a member of a group called “Dual Sport Delinquents”. Imagine that!

      • 12er

        State of Confusion… Moto2, moto3 etc had me thinking you needed an ex Moto GP bike and when none on the site were ex moto gp bikes confused dog look too over.

  • Craig Hoffman

    That is one unholy collection of parts. I love it.

    Another cool if less wacky fab job to ponder. This bike just screams “fleeing and eluding, while riding wheelies. Go ahead, cross that median. Ride up those stairs”.

    Ya gotta love that in a motorcycle.

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Looks comfy

  • SRMark

    Love them old smokey bikes!