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  • Scott Wirth

    I think the world is full of lazy minds, but Sam was not one of them.

    He was a genius. He was thoughtful. He was a thinker. And seemingly, one of the few truly innovative minds left on the earth. He was like
    Edison, patiently trying every way to gracefully achieve his goal.

    He had the enduring patience of a saint in his unrelenting pursuit of his passion…
    To push the boundaries of human potential.

    Looking at today’s lack of true men, I don’t have many heroes.

    He was one of my few heroes.

    A true pioneer.

    Scott Wirth – Laguna Niguel, CA

    • bbtowns

      True except for Tesla is a better comparison.

      • therr850

        Really? Pick apart a heartfelt memorium?

        Rest in Peace Sam.

        • bbtowns

          Not my intent to pick it apart. Tesla invented AC power while Edison toiled trying to make DC power work over long distances. Simply thought he was an even more fitting example of a pioneer with an inventive mind and the ability to solve problems with out of the box thinking. Surprised that offended everyone so much?.

          • therr850

            I understood the reference. I just think the timing is inappropriate. Have a good day.

      • banguns

        kudos Scott Wirth. You refer to the abundance of clowns like BBTOWNS that make people like Sam stick out.. RIP Sam.

        • bbtowns

          I realize now you guys might think I meant Tesla cars, not Nikolas Tesla, Edison’s contemporary and inventor of an incredible number of practical devices used today. Probably the greatest inventor to ever live and indeed reminds me of Sam.

      • oldcarman

        the iTezla is no comparison, really!

  • I just got through watching a bunch of Sam’s videos on YouTube only to learn of his passing today…..such a great man full of ideas. I agree with Scott below of Sam’s creative mind in a sea of lazy folks who want the world handed to them…

    It’s a shame Sam never had a chance at the magical 400MPH …his long sought after goal! A true inspiration of never give up!

    God Speed Sam!

  • krishan adhikari

    RIP and thanks for all the efforts put in to push the envelope.

  • CompletelyOutsane


  • spiff

    Shit happens. Very rarely do you find something worth pursuing that is routine.

    My guess is he loved what he did, and I think he probably enjoyed waking up and planning his day. Maybe a bit short, but from what I see a pretty good run. god speed.

  • Paul MacDonald

    Going fast in a straight line, huh!