If you think watching movies with subtitles makes you smarter, here’s a road trip video from Lip Productions located in Prague. In their own translated-to-English words; Howl Seat – crazy motorcycle road movie from ocean to snow. “Take a Holiday. Tight the screws on your motorcycle. Grabe your friends and set off for an adventure. We dreamed about visiting French town Biarritz for a long time, once a year is this town full of amazing people, manually adjusted bikes, surfers, music and full of unconventional culture associated with Cafe Racers. From Biarritz we continued right to the Spanish desert or to snowy Alps. We wanted to get know and see as much as possible, and we also managed it. The whole trip was captured and here it comes!”

  • DickRuble

    yeah.. likely inspired by and a pale copy of Cycles South (1971), which you can see on the tube.

  • JMDonald

    Is this the one with the French Floosies?

    • DickRuble

      It’s the one with with four losers giving each other fist bumps and high fives every 5 seconds.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    In some ways I do envy those guys. And in some ways I just don’t. Motorcycling is dangerous enough to not take it seriously. It certainly kills some joy, but I’d better have more over the long run. Oh well, to each his own…