“In 1903, American transportation was in the middle of a transformation. Cyclists in the Good Roads Movement were advocating for better intercity roads, but it was still more than five years before Michigan built the country’s first concrete highway. Outside of cities, roads were still made of mud and gravel, and the train was still the fastest way to travel between cities. Trains came rarely enough, though, that Wyman could ride along their tracks without fear. For the first half of his journey, most of the places he stopped had just a scattering of buildings, built by the railroads to serve crews and passengers. He even caught sight of a few families still traveling in covered wagons.”

Great story on Atlas Obscura is here.

  • JMDonald

    Tom Swift and his Motorcycle or fun and adventure on the road published in1910. One of the first books I read that got me hooked on Motorcycling. I’d like to say I read it when it first came out but who would believe me. What an adventure it would have been back then. This story reminds me of the book.

  • DickRuble

    Wait, wait, don’t tell me… He was riding a Victory Octane!!!

  • Jim

    I bet he and Forrest Gump could share some good stories! Seriously, though, what a crazy journey. How does one carry enough food, fuel, clothing etc. to make this journey – traveling across bumpy railroad tracks and through mud, for 50 days, without going nuts? Back problems, indeed. I bet his eyeballs are still bouncing around in their sockets.

  • Starmag

    This is more way more amazing than Ewan and Charlie sans video.