This week’s video is a lesson in the dangers of road debris, and the importance of wearing safety gear. A rider traveling down the Costa Mesa Freeway was in for a shock when a rear tire on car ahead of him kicked up a piece of wood, sending it flying right towards him. The rider had little time to react as the two-by-four spins in the air towards him, striking his bike’s windscreen and knocking it clean off.

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The windscreen took the brunt of the impact, but one could only imagine how bad it could have been.

  • Steve Wilner

    Perhaps this will prompt the rider to reflect on his own overly aggressive riding habits.

    • Jordan Marcelo

      You’ve gotta be kidding right? “Overly aggressive riding habits”? He was going with the flow of traffic. Shit happens! Stop blaming the victim!!!!

    • Jim Stokes

      Considering this takes place in California where lane splitting is legal and those two cars obviously let him through, I didn’t see any overly aggressive riding whatsoever. He was simply riding straight down the freeway when the debris came up…

    • randy the great

      Overly aggressive? He must have blown your skirt up when he rode past you.

    • Tinwoods

      You’re an idiot. Or at least your comment is idiotic. Get back in your cage and stay in the far right lane where you belong.

  • Kenneth

    The video makes a good case for having a full windscreen. It would be a more-unpleasant outcome if that debris were to hit one in the face. When I first moved to SoCal, long ago, I was shocked at the amount (and size) of objects frequently laying-in-wait on freeway lanes.

  • John B.

    I gather that if you ride on SoCal highways you have no choice but to ride in conditions that make it impossible to maintain a safe following distance? Can’t wait for autonomous vehicles.

    • Kenneth

      On SoCal freeways, if you “maintain a safe following distance,” you will be continuously cut-off, defeating the attempted purpose.

      • 12er

        You are correct Sir, Bay area is almost as bad. “Safe Distance” is open space on the freeway that must be pulled into asap by the nearest available cage driver.

      • Tinwoods

        I’ve been a daily rider here in LA for thirty years, and agree with everything you said.

      • Born to Ride

        Couldn’t have described my daily commute better if I tried.

  • john burns

    Hah, that is my hood. the guy was nicely and conservatively lane splitting along like 1000s of us do safely every day, and in just the right spot betw the cars so as to spot exactly those kinds of hazards. That one came up so fast I barely saw it, tho. good Lesson. I actually believe the death penalty should be reserved for people who let stuff fall off their vehicles. If had a dollar for every mangled aluminum ladder I’ve had to dodge I’d have 10 bucks at least.

    • Tinwoods

      You seriously believe in the death penalty for someone who loses something from the back of their vehicle? Wow. And perhaps torture fore someone who changes lanes without signaling, too? Ten years for spitting on the sidewalk?

      • john burns

        No, I expect you to change lanes w/o signaling, expect and can react to it. Spitting on the sidewalk probably won’t kill me. Throwing a ladder on your truck without securing it and jumping on the freeway constitutes mens rea in my book.

    • Born to Ride

      I was thinking the same thing as I watched the video. I was ready to write a scathing comment about positioning yourself in accordance with maximum visibility. But that thing had some serious velocity, and the rider was doing everything right. I believe this is an appropriate scenario to use the popular idiomatic expression “Shit Happens”.

  • spiff

    I don’t ride with a windshield, so I depend on my helmet. This is one of many examples of how a full face helmet is an asset.

  • Jim Greer

    Lane splitting is legal in Cal. that doesn’t mean you should lane split every time it is an option, you wind up traveling faster than the traffic which increases your probability of an accident. I just fucking don’t get it, Motorcycles are like dangerous ya know, so slow down, don’t take every opportunity to hall ass between cars. It s legal but then so is a accident. I ride like people are trying to take me out, been riding for 50 years and have had my close calls but you can’t drive defensively enough to be safe. So don’t rag on my ass, it was NOT the Motorcyclists fault ok.

    • Tinwoods

      Of course you lane split faster than the rest of the traffic. Why would you lane split slower (or at the same speed) as the ambient traffic? Done properly and safely, lane-splitting is extremely safe. – A 30-year daily LA rider.

      • Jim Greer

        After reading other comments you have made makes this response simple. Fuck You ! Now state the obvious.

  • ObamaReally Suucks

    that is a 2003 Yamaha FJR 1300 ,,,,and the windscreen is held to the brackets with 5 PLASTIC screws….for easy screen removal,,,,,,incase you stop quickly and go over the handle bars.,,, the shield will not slice you in half.
    But works in the opposite direction too , I see.