It was another busy year in Milan, Italy, at the world’s biggest motorcycle show: EICMA. The world’s moto manufacturers unleashed their latest wares last week, and we furiously pounded out more than 30 articles about every new bike seen at the convention.

2016 EICMA Show Coverage

Prowling the show floor was our own Evans Brasfield and videographer Brett Colpitts, who together produced 13 videos from the show. Now comes number 14, in which Evans whittles down all the new bikes into our favorites. They range from the supremely exotic to inexpensive new wheels for searching out new adventures. The video below actually includes eight motorcycles, so you get a three-bike bonus!

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  • JMDonald

    What a great year for motorcycles.

  • Starmag

    # 1 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled?

    Good reporting Evans. Good enough for Duke to give you a week off to rent a bike so you can ride the Alps and maybe take a tour of Moto Guzzi and report back?

    Flying into Milan for a bike tour of the Alps is on the bucket list for me.

  • Ian Parkes


  • therr850

    These may be your top five from the show but I am interested in only one of those, the Triumph. I personally am not a hooligan rider, 69 years old and all, ruling out silliness. Also, as much as I am glad some quality entry class bikes are improving they won’t work for my wife and myself. We’re too heavy dressed in atgatt. How about some more practical choices for the more sedate and senior riders mixed in with the youth class machines. AND I don’t mean big touring rigs! What is there for us?

    • Gruf Rude

      There is still the Suzuki Bandit . . .

      • therr850

        Ahh yes. I have an ’08 Bandit with Suzuki accessory hard bags and like it a lot. Besides the new Triumph’s and the Ninja 1000 I don’t know what else interest me. BMW’s? Too much money for my budget. Concours14 or FJR1300? Again, too expensive and a bit heavy.

        • Gruf Rude

          There is a solid aftermarket for the Bandit and at least one Bandit specialist ‘Guru’ out there who can custom massage handling and engine characteristics of your ’08 to suit you for reasonable $$.

          • therr850

            Dale Walker’s Holeshot Performance is one of the best. And, he personally takes every order so you can be sure of getting what you need/want. I’ve dealt with him. Good man.

  • Honda Cbr

    For the #1 ‘group’…. are ANY of those actually slated to be released in North America??

    • denchung

      The CRF250L and Versys-X 300 have already been confirmed for the US. BMW USA sent out a press release announcing G310GS but it hasn’t shown up yet on the commercial site; full confirmation is expected. Suzuki is the only one whose American arm has yet to say anything and the V-Strom 250 is the least likely to come over.