We know that lots of riders give lip service to wearing All-The-Gear-All-The-Time (ATGATT), but we thought that it was time to check to see how the numbers really shake out. Because MOrons are smarter than your average bear, we expect them to score highly on the gear usage list. Still, we know that, while everyone on earth has a reason for existing, some people are destined to become a bad example. Don’t be one of those guys! OK?


  • Old MOron

    For about 14 years, I wore ATGATT. But lately, since my light commuter suit finally gave up the ghost, and since I live almost exactly 2.5 miles from work, I’ve been skipping the pants. I gotta get another suit.

  • Interesting how people seem to care less about their lower halves, with the numbers for pants and boots considerably lower than jacket and gloves.

    I’m in that small percentage that wear special undies (assuming “special undies” means “base layer” rather than “satin lingerie.”). Because I’m a nerd.

    • Alexander Pityuk

      This is simply because you can take off your helmet, jacket and gloves but can’t do that with pants and boots. Hence visiting banks, goverment institutions, cinemas, megamalls etc. becomes somewhat a problem.

      • allworld

        I did travel by air from the US to Italy in full gear with my helmet as a carry on……….. It would fit in my luggage so…….
        Yeah I got the full security treatment.

      • Evans Brasfield

        When I go to the bank or post office, I find that taking off my pants gets me right to the front of the line…

      • Michael Howard

        Aerostich Roadcrafter. Goes on and off about as easily as just a jacket.

        I do agree about the boots, however. I always wear a sturdy pair of over-the-ankle boots but they are not fully-armored. Still waiting for footwear that goes on and off as quickly as my Roadcrafter. 😉

        • vern moen

          I’ve just never had the $800-$1000 to spend on an AR. Im an old fart rider now, Im going to have to be a retired really old fart rider before I can afford a set

          • Michael Howard

            I was a motorcycle-crazy teenage with a head full of “one of these days…” dreams when the Roadcrafter was first introduced in 1983. I wanted one for over 30 years and finally made the commitment about six years ago. I absolutely love it — makes it so much easier and convenient to be ATGATT. Wish I’d have bought one long ago.

  • Vrooom

    I do wear full gear every time I ride more than say 25 miles. Shorter than that I might wear full face helmet, moto jacket, gloves, but go with jeans and hiking boots. Yeah, I know, most accidents occur near the home.

    • Evans Brasfield

      It’s all about managing the risk you’re willing to accept. I always wear helmet, jacket, boots, and gloves. Like you said, I frequently just wear jeans on shorter rides. Ironically, during the summer, I wear riding jeans more often than not because I’m usually wearing shorts at home and putting on riding jeans is just as easy as regular ones. During the winter, when I’m already wearing jeans, I frequently won’t change for a short errand run.

      • Old MOron

        Normally I don’t bother with the risk calculus. I don’t stop to gauge, “How much risk do I want to incur today?” I just put on my kit.

        When you have good kit, stuff that you can don and doff thoughtlessly and automatically, life is good. When you’re trying to remember, this jacket has a back protector, that one doesn’t, this one zips to those pants, etc. Life is a pain in the ass.

      • Vrooom

        You said it perfectly Evans.

    • Duffy

      my worst crash was 2 blocks from my house. a girl in a camaro decided that the stop sign was not really meant for her. Just my opinion.

      • Vrooom

        Yeah I’ve had a young fellow turn left and not see me a few miles from my house. I do get that it’s better to wear moto pants and boots all the time. I’m just admitting sometimes I fail to do that on short rides, or wear riding jeans instead on those rides.

  • Buzz

    I do everything but the fancy undies. I often ride my scooter in shorts and a t-shirt though. Makes me feel rugged.

  • 12er

    One piece ‘stich makes it easy, wear what you want under and in ten secs, its off and so are you.

  • ColoradoS14

    Always helmet, jacket and gloves. From time to time I commute 5 miles to work in dress shoes and slacks but that is rare, it is usually on “casual friday” so I wear jeans and casual boots. Anytime I am going for “a ride” I will have the above mentioned plus my Sidi boots and kevlar motorcycle jeans.

  • spiff

    how do i see results without taking the survey again?

    • Evans Brasfield

      Yeah, that does kinda suck, doesn’t it?

  • Uncommon Sense

    It is all about risk management. Most of my commute is 10 miles on back streets. I typically wear jacket, full face helmet, and gloves. Occasionally, my riding boots. I often run a few errands in my town and I will ride without gear other than helmet even though we don’t require helmets here in IL. In these cases, I am typically not going much faster than 35 and putting on gear is simply not realistic for these short jaunts. I’d rather just drive.

    I see a lot of other riders on my commute and rarely do any of them have what one would consider ATGATT. Helmets, jackets, and gloves are the norm.

    If I’m truly going out for a ride where I will exceed speeds of 50mph for extended periods, highway riding, etc, I always wear my gear. Jeans being the weak spot, but I will be getting some custom riding jeans.

    Under no circumstances though, do I ever ride without a helmet.

  • Michal C

    Interesting how few people wear protective pants. I was once told by paramedic that most bike related injuries they treat are to lower parts of the body. Ironic as I was waiting in ER that time with my legs severely cut and broken in few places… No more jeans. Learned to walk twice in life already and not planning again.

  • Fred Ellarby

    I was sent flipping through the air and my bike totaled when hit from behind in downtown traffic. On errands, close to home, low speed. Fortunately, I always wear ATGATT except for MC specific boots because I can’t them to fit for any reasonable cost. I do wear heavy duty over-the-ankle boots.

    The skin on my lower half is no tougher than the upper and I can’t imagine how people can ride without gloves.

    • 12er

      I have a set of alpinestars MX-5’s, they finally made them in a size 15…

  • Douglas

    I don’t……well, sometimes I do, but not always….unless it’s cold and/or I’m going on the highway, then I do…..wear most of the gear, that is.

  • JWaller

    The only one I don’t wear is motorcycle specific boots. I don’t have any at the moment. I do wear combat boots, specifically the infantry combat boot that’s water resistant and highly insulated for winter. It’s a more rugged pair of footwear than some of the motorcycle specific footwear that I’ve seen, so I don’t see a need to buy other “motorcycle” boots.

    • DaveA

      I do this as well. The ones I wear have a solid large heel area that provides more protection than most touring boots. If I’m on a ride that isn’t likely to require rain protection or walking around I wear full race style boots.

    • Matt

      Those are better than a lot of choices but do have less ankle protection than some motorcycle boots. Solid choice though.

  • Born to Ride

    Helmet, gloves, and leather boots every time. Jacket any time I am getting on the freeway or going to the mountains, and most of the rest of the time. Base layer only when it is cold. Don’t own any reinforced riding pants. Should probably get on that. My problem with the riding pants is that the inexpensive ones are uncomfortable, and the expensive pairs are… well, expensive.

    The one-piece comes out when elevated paces are imminent.

  • ADB

    At 59, always, everything, all the time. It’s all about risk reduction. For the past five years, I stepped up and wear Bohn armored pants underneath Draggin Jeans, I now can’t imagine getting on a bike without full protection of my legs and knees. Plus, both made in the USA. Sidi full, tall, On Road touring Boots – after 50,000 they still look and feel great. When you minimize the risk, every ride is better. You forgot socks. Cold feet in January with a hundred miles to go are just as dangerous.

    • Cecil-T

      Do you wear a neck brace? Back protector? Airbag vest?

    • Evans Brasfield

      I’ve used Bohn armor in the past before armored jeans were common and found it to be pretty comfortable. My Sidi On Road boots lasted many, many years. I finally stopped wearing them when the soles were both worn completely flat, like slicks, making them slippery in wet conditions.

  • Cecil-T

    Where do you draw the line for “All” the gear? What about a neck brace? What about an airbag vest / jacket? Back protector? Riding socks? Balaclava? Do you zip your jacket to your pants – every time? Didn’t think so. I consider myself MOTGMOTT – Most of the gear, most of the time. I propose that NOBODY is actually ALL the gear, ALL the time.

    Everybody has their own conclusion about what constitutes ALL the gear, and starts making excuses for items beyond that as being unnecessary. It’s not a bad thing or an insult to not be ATGATT, just be an adult and use that thing we call judgement.

    • Evans Brasfield

      I rarely ride without a back protector. Only one of my jackets doesn’t have one. I could wear a separate back protector, but it hangs out the bottom and catches on things. I’ve never worn a neck brace.

      • Cecil-T

        Exactly, that’s about where I fall – definitely not ATG, and we haven’t even looked closely at the ATT side of the equation. The MSF policy in class and for instructors is to not even swing a let over a bike – running or not – without being fully geared. Does this extend to a bike show or in a dealership? Taking a purist approach to the term, in the absence of any actual definition agreed upon by a standardization body, nobody meets the criteria.

        10 different people can say they are ATGATT and actually mean 10 totally different things.

  • Duffy

    I am ATGATT! commute into and out of DC every day. wear all the armored gear plus ICON stryker vest. Even in hottest DC summertime, I have the gear on. I am too old to heal quickly and don’t want to miss a day of riding because I am cheap or arrogant. I have learned my lessons!

  • Jack Meoph

    In my long life of riding 2 wheels, I’ve went from using no gear, to complete race replica kit, to using enough to be comfortable. I will not ride without fullface helmet or gloves. If not MC specific jacket and boots, then heavy jacket and leather shoes. I use kevlar pants when I ride my MC, but not my scooter. I don’t know why, because I ride just as fast on my scoot as on my MC’s (Vespa GTS 300 can hit 90 mph in the right conditions).

  • DaveA

    Ok, so I only wear bike undies on rides over 45 minutes but apart from that, for sure. I think apart from the undies the survey has it right re: what constitutes atgatt. I might include full face helmet in there.

  • Matt

    DOT rated LMFAO.
    You also forgot earplugs