Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto created this custom streetfighter from a Motus MSTR. On the dyno with no more engine modifications other than installing a set of drag pipes, the naked Motus clocked 156 rear wheel horsepower, and 114 lb.-ft. of torque from its 1650cc liquid-cooled V4. Learn more about the FullerMotus at the Fuller Moto website, and about Motus here.

Our own Gabe Ets-Hokin reviewed the 2016 Motus MST and MSTR last year.

  • DickRuble

    In 2008, the suzuki b-king was doing more HP with less noise… for far less money.

    • Goose

      Hey, I figured Motus would be bankrupt by now. The fact they are still in business amazes me. I feel the same way about Confederate and they they have been around for quite a while.

      I guess enough people are willing to pay what Motus is asking for their products to keep the doors open, at least for now.

      • Fivespeed302

        Considering that the CVO Harley’s can easily cost more than the base Motus, it shouldn’t be that surprising that it is surviving.

      • spiff

        Prices continue to climb, and people have money. Kind of seems the market is moving to Motus. That is a good thing, except that stuff cost more.

        Funny, I have had the same thoughts towards Confederate’s and Motus’s survival.

      • allworld

        HD, Indian, and BMW have pricey rides…… I realize the those companies are more established, but Motus produces a great bike. Makes you wonder why Buell can’t stay in business….

        • Goose

          Fivespeed302 and allworld, I don’t mean to be rude but your comments lead me to believe you have no business background.
          The top of the line BMW, Harley and Indians are selling to a totally different market. All three have far more technology, American style touring riding positions, audio systems, relatively huge dealer networks, the BMW has a six cylinder engine and they all have more bells a whistles then I can list. Wifey is far more likely to be on board with buying a big, luxury touring bike than a bare bones sport tourer.
          The Motus is more comparable to the defunct Honda VFR1200 than a CVO Harley yet costs twice as much as the Honda that was dropped because it didn’t sell.
          It is easy to say “I’d buy that” but how many will are actually willing to spend well over $30K for a VFR1200 with a tiny dealer network, chain drive, and no guaranty that you will be able to get parts in 5 years? I still expect Motus to fold, it is just taking longer than I guessed.

          • vinagaroon

            And everyone is anxiously awaiting your next prediction. Who cares what you like.

          • Goose

            It has nothing to do with what I like. Other than the chain drive while still having a heavy, power eating 90 degree power turn between the engine and transmission I like the Motus. It has to with business.

            Motus is selling into a dying field (Sport Touring) with a bike lacking in features yet with a very high price. How well do you think they would do if they came up with a $1,500 flip phone that couldn’t text, browse the net or run aps in today’s market place? Somebody would buy it but I doubt Apple (Harley) or Samsung (Honda) would be scared.

          • vinagaroon

            Yea whatever, you’re a legend in your own mind. So don’t buy one ok

  • Dootin

    I wish I could afford one.

  • Chris

    And this is why they make diffferent bikes. I find “the noise” most excellent. I’ve also had bikes w/better dynos and numbers; but just a dyno, does not a bike make. Very nice sound, looks, dyno, components, unique, cool factor, American, and all that stuff come w/the bike. Will I ever buy one: Very doubtful (And, most assuredly, not a new one). But I can appreciate what it is. Good thing we ain’t all the same.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Hell ya. That is how an ST1300 would run if only Honda had some balls. If I ever have stupid FU money, there will be a Motus in my garage, just because they are cool.

  • allworld

    My kind of naked.
    This is such a good engine, it has potential to be used in water craft, snow mobiles, ATV’s…..
    I wish Motus would offer their own production version of a naked.

    • John Bennett

      This was a prototype collaboration with Fuller Moto and Motus factory. Let Motus know you want a Motus naked!

      • allworld


  • Chocodog

    Sounds great!