From this 1934 video of moto gymnastics in Munich, Germany we find inspiration for a modern event. While operating a bike from the sidehack requires some serious next-level skills, the obstacle course is no less demanding. Then there’s the very dangerous disembarking the motorcycle to shimmy beneath three adjacent tables finished off by remounting the moving motorcycle, and the crowd favorite, wheelieing the sidehack over obstacles. Of course, we’ll disregard the four-wheelers, but the mad scientist routine is an absolute must – maybe a halftime show – before the climatic event finale; a jungle gym of men operated by a couple of obviously well-trained animals.

Who wouldn’t want to see a MO sponsored 2017 version of this event? If we get enough “hell yahs!” maybe we can convince the powers above to let us host a similar showcase of skill and abserdity.

  • mugwump

    Formation riding, pyramids, uniform wearing…memories from 50 years ago. It was good to be a kid.There used to be separate shows or part of the circus. I remember seeing Joey Chitwood too out at the fair grounds. The fair grounds are now a very snazzy grocery store. The track hosted NASCAR on dirt, before my time, all gone now.

  • Vrooom

    I’d watch. Might even get into a bear suit.