Has another year gone by already? Planet Earth just keeps on spinning, and here at the world’s best motorcycle website, which has just turned 21, we keep on ticking in spite of ISIS, Ebola, another Buell setback, the death of Cecil the Lion, the disappearance of an entire airliner, the impossibility of reason and Universal Dysfunction. We keep on keeping on, bringing you word of the latest moto-developments as fast as they happen or as soon as we can find the time, whichever’s easiest.

Motorcycle.com Best Of 2014 Awards

In a world gone mad, in fact, motorcycles are what keep us sane. The world’s best brains build better ones every year, we ride them like maniacs on road and track, at home and abroad, and pick the winners in a strictly meritocratic way using our patented, somewhat scientific ScoreCard system and months of collective experience to keep it real and free of nearly all bribery and corruption far as you know. Danger and glamour are part of the business, in equal measure. We’re still amazed we get paid to do it, and none of us are qualified to do anything else, so let’s all pitch in and do everything we can to maintain the status quo, shall we? If that means sharing our stories with friends real or Facebook, so be it. Click, Like!, Tweet and Share.

2015 Reader’s Choice Motorcycles of the Year

The rules for MO’s Best Of (MOBO) awards are few: Production motorcycles available for sale in the U.S. prior to August 1, 2015 are eligible to win one of our 12 motorcycle categories, including the newly added Lightweight/Entry-level class, plus our prestigious Motorcycle Of the Year award. Starting tomorrow, we’ll reveal our Best New Product of 2015, followed by Best New Technology on Wednesday. Thursday will begin our selection for best motorcycles in each of our categories, culminating on August 18 with our coveted Motorcycle Of the Year selection. Please check back with us daily as we uncover our choices for the best motorcycles on the planet.

Motorcycle.com Best of 2015 Categories

  • Old MOron

    Yes, and in spite of ISIS, Ebola, another Buell setback, etc, I keep checking MO. Sigh, I guess I can re-read that GSX-S review another couple of times. Sheesh!

    • halfnelson_73

      Exactly. That bike looks mighty tasty to me, too.

  • Best value: Gabe’s column.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    Omg, my first thought was “wtf, ain’t Super Duke the best motorcycle of the year, been chosen a couple of month ago, right? Have they forgotten?”

  • Emptybee

    Some working links to the various category winners would be helpful.

    • Buzz

      Its’ MO. The day goes like this: Show up late, talk about article. Post up headline. Go to lunch. Plan on doing it tomorrow.

      • Kevin Duke

        Please go back to the last paragraph and read it again…

        • Thomas Schafer

          I read it again…the links still don’t work. Best Product and Best Technology should both be revealed as of now, and they are not.

          • Kevin Duke

            Actually, the article says Best Product will be revealed today, not Best Technology. And it will. Hang in there!

          • Old MOron

            Just picking a nit here, Duke. Not because I intend to criticize. Just because it’s kind of funny.

            Hover your mouse over the “Best Product” section of the image above. When you do, the pop-up text says, “Revealed Aug. 3” That’s yesterday, eh.

          • Kevin Duke

            Thanks for the heads up on that – a fix is in the works. Funny that a mouse hover would be more noticeable than the words in the article! 🙂

          • Old MOron

            I read the article and understood the intended timing yesterday. http://www.motorcycle.com/features/best-of-mo-2015-awards.html#comment-2172716520
            It was today that I noticed the funny hover message. Like I said, no criticism intended.

        • Emptybee

          I didn’t read the article, just went straight to the categories. I prefer not to be kept in suspense – just give me the winners.


    I read the last paragraph and have a full understanding of what the plan is. Look forward to the reveals.

    • Kevin Duke

      Gold star to JMGT!

  • James Stewart

    Best Off Road Adventure – the squid taking out Tony on the Aprilla at Turn 11

  • halfkidding

    Guys, the links to the write ups are not working on this page for neither of my two computers or tablet or phone.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Calling it now – Motorcycle of the year is – “The Versys 1000”

  • Motorcycle of the year is – The entire Can-Am Spyder lineup!

  • Dusenbery Ra

    where’s the motus or 1000xr?