The United States is a massive country with more than its share of fantastic motorcycle roads. But which roads are the best?

While choosing the best motorcycle roads is a very subjective exercise, has picked its top five and laid them all out in an informative infographic. We shared BikeBandit’s list because we’re interested in hearing about YOUR personal favorite roads. If you like the Infographics format, MO’s editorial staff may start to produce our own Infographics, with that unique touch

Agree or disagree with the list? Let us know in the comments section and tell us all about your favorite places to ride.

Bike Bandit Infographic Top Roads

  • Jose

    I cannot speak for the five roads quoted. However, seems that the people doing the article have not spend enough time in the rocky moutain west. Two that are mentioned in the motorcycle press are the going to the sun road in glacier national park, MO and Colorado State Highway 12 AKA Highway of Legends. I admit I have not ride any of the two. However, I have riden almost every other designated scenic highway in CO. That have raised my expectations pretty high. For those planning to ride in CO I recommend going here and get a copy of the Colorado Motorcycle Skill Rating Map.