Who knew our favorite alco, er, celebrity chef, could ride a motorcycle? In this latest installment of “Raw Craft,” a series of profiles of people who build things by hand sponsored by Balvenie Distillery, Bourdain travels to Max Hazan’s Los Angeles custom bike shop. A really interesting 10-minute video ensues.

  • Born to Ride

    It’s Balvenie with an E. it’s also my favorite scotch. Right after Oban.

    • john burns

      dammit! sharp eyeballs.

    • Old MOron

      In 1990 I was traveling in Central America. I met another American at a midnight bus station in Honduras. We were the only pale faces amongst the locals and the chicken and sheep that traveled with them. We were both headed back to the US via Mexico, so we decided to travel together.

      My new friend was an avuncular companion, and I’ll never forget the reverent tone he used when he spoke of Lagavulin. He spoke highly of single malts in general, so when I had my first whiskey, that’s what I ordered. I don’t remember which distillery it came from, but I didn’t like it.

      As luck would have it, in graduate school I had an Irish girlfriend, and she brought back a bottle of Lagavulin when she traveled in the UK. We tasted it together, and the stuff was magical.

      Of course I’ve tasted lots of spirits in the last 25 odd years, but Lagavulin is still my fave. But it’s so big and strong that I can’t drink it often. Lately I’ve decided that I really like Redbreast 15, and Irish malt. If you see it on the menu, give it a try. I’ll try some Oban. It sounds interesting.

      • Born to Ride

        The first time I tried single malt scotch was about a week after the birth of my daughter in Germany. We went out to an Irish pub where everyone speaks English, and we started perusing the whiskey list. Was amazed to find that all these fancy aged whiskeys that would cost 15-20$ a shot back home were 5-6$ for a double. My first order was Oban 14, and I’ll never forget it. The way that the flavor transitions from sweet to smokey as it rolls over your tongue, and leaves you with a tingly sensation as it goes down that can’t really be described as a burn. It really opened my Jameson chugging philistine eyes. I will keep a lookout for redbreast 15. And raise my glass to you ya old MOron


    Awesome!!! need to see of these small shops get more attention. thx

    • Sayyed Bashir

      I don’t think he is selling them.

  • James D. Becker

    Good to see a real artist creating beautiful motorcycles. Thank you.

  • spiff

    This guy must have a trust fund. That’s not a bad thing, god bless him. I am impressed with his internal drive. I like Anthony Bourdain as well.

  • Balvenie 12 year single malt is my favorite…not while riding but after is fine. As member of The Scotchguard in Dunedin Florida (google us if you like) We celebrate the joys of single malt scotch, burn meat, smoke a cigar and swap lies once a month, so I know a little about subject. Nothing surprises me about Anthony Bourdain. I watched him nail an elk with hard shot across a river on his TV show. So riding a bike is no big deal…good series with great sponsor Balvenie Distillery. Cheers!