Victory revealed a new electric sportbike prototype featuring an all-new battery module from Brammo. Described as a test bed for the company’s future powertrains, the new Victory RR will make its racing debut in the TT Zero class in the 2016 Isle of Man TT beginning May 28.

Duke’s Den – Victory Motorcycle’s New Performance Focus

The Victory RR will be ridden by William Dunlop who was originally tabbed to ride the Victory Empulse RR in last year’s TT Zero but withdrew with an injury. His replacement, Guy Martin, finished fourth, right behind teammate Lee Johnston.


“Our electric Empulse RR race bike placed third on the podium in the TT Zero race last year, which we were thrilled with,” says Brian Wismann, Victory Racing team manager. “Using the data we gathered on our laps of the TT course has helped us to develop a new battery module as well as improving the powertrain. We feel like we can return to the TT with more performance as well as being able to test this technology for our future products.”


The 2016 racebike is all new, developed from data gathered in last year’s race. The Victory RR is powered by a Parker GVM water-cooled, three-phase, IPM AC motor. Measuring just five inches long and eight inches in diameter, the motor has a claimed peak output of 170 hp and 177 lb-ft. This would mark an improvement on the 150 hp and 162 lb-ft. claimed for the Parker motor from last year’s bike.

Victory Isle of Man TT Zero Racer On A Dragstrip

Powering the engine is the latest lithium-ion battery module from Brammo. Victory claims the new module offers more overall energy capacity than the previous module while also having increased power density.


To accommodate the new battery module, Victory switched from the Empulse RR’s aluminum twin spar frame to a new steel trellis design. The aluminum swingarm appears to be a carry-over item.

The Victory RR will make its public debut June 3 in the first TT Zero practice session. The race is scheduled for June 8.

2016 Victory RR Specifications
Length/Width/Height (mm) 2089 / 680 / 1218
Seat Height (in.) 32
Weight (kg) 240
Front Tire Metzeler 120/70 R17
Rear Tire Metzeler 200/60 R17
Frame Trellis Steel and Composite Monocoque
Motor Parker GVM Water-cooled, 3-phase, IPM AC
Max Power (kW/HP) 130 / 174
Max Torque (Nm) 240
Battery Brammo Power Lithium-Ion
Battery Voltage (Vdc) 370 or more
  • Old MOron

    Why don’t you race your glorious Octane?

    • Gruf Rude

      Because the most appropriate road course for the Octane is Omaha Nebraska to Sturgis South Dakota . . .

      • Old MOron

        I think your post is as puckish as mine, but perhaps DickRuble will favor us with an exposition on sarcasm, just in case.

    • Auphliam

      They’re developing this new chassis for future powerplants, so hopefully the Octane engine is next…
      Now to just figure out where to mount the forward controls

    • Ser Samsquamsh

      Probably because the Octane (which looks wikkid up close btw) is not eligible for the electric class. Just a guess.

  • roma258

    This looks pretty fantastic actually! Interesting move to go from aluminum frame to steel trellis to accommodate the batteries. Easier packaging, more room for battery modules?

    • Gruf Rude

      Easier/faster(cheaper) to fabricate custom frames as development progresses.

  • Starmag

    An electric sportbike from a gasoline crusier factory. Way to hit that demographic!

  • Rex Chaney

    You should take to bonneville this year…..August, motorcycle only event

  • Rex Chaney

    I agree with one of the guys below. It would be cool to have a normal Victory motorcycle, vrs. always a cruiser. A regular naked bike, where the feet are below you or to the back of you vrs. up front in the wind. A real motorcycle vrs. a cruiser….thanks

  • Rex Chaney

    the new victory is really an indian scout. This was your time, to develop something different than indian and the rest. but basically it is an indian scout….should have been a victory. seriously, if you had a choice to buy the victory octane or the indian scout, which would you buy? Indian of course. no one wants a bike that is copied after another one. Name identification. Indian vrs. Victory. Indian of course. I am a victory fan. USA made, cool looking, it is not a harley, yamaha, honda, kawasaki….but give us a standard looking bike. regular ergonomics. Not feet forward cruisers….thanks

    • Ser Samsquamsh

      Oh shut up.

      • Rex Chaney

        free forum dude…..

  • spiff

    Victory bought Brammo. I’m guessing they have a plan that is more than one off race bikes. They are developing a product in front of us instead of behind closed doors. Yes it is for the publicity, but this program is what is in the pipe line. Polaris has made some very solid moves lately. All have been sound, and generated income for the next project. Performance bikes (both electric and ICE) are coming, and I wish they would hurry up.

    • spiff

      I also believe electric racing will be good. You can set it up next to a church, and long term maintenance should be better. Also limited range won’t be an issue. That is why they are building an electric race bike. Range is not an issue.