The motorcycle is the ultimate adventure vehicle. Whether you ride on dirt, sand or asphalt, wherever you go in the world, chances are pretty good you’ll find someone on a motorcycle. Check out these 5 incredible motorcycle adventure photos and let us know in the comments below where your motorcycle takes you.

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    I am reminded after seeing these pictures that I need to get a nice light half liter enduro with real off road capability. It is now on the list.

    • Old MOron

      What? Five little pictures, and you’re ready to plunk down for a new dual-sport even though you haven’t taken delivery of your new Triumph yet. What happened to the guy who isn’t swayed by colluding journos and sales departments? 🙂

      • JMDGT

        I have been thinking about a real dirt bike for a while. A bike for every purpose. Tourer R1200RT. Cruising around R1150RA. Sport riding Street Triple RS. Off road who knows? The wife would like a Vespa. It’s a lot cheaper than a high end sports car. I miss riding on my Grandparents Farm like I did when I was a kid. Motorcycling is the only vice I have. Plus I am old. I have to do this stuff while I can.

        • Born to Ride

          Hell yeah, that is my kinda logic. Multi 1100s for touring/commuting, Monster S2R1000 because she’s sexy, California 1400 for cruising. I need to get a sport bike and I can’t decide between Tuono and Street RS. I also need an ADV bike and I think I am leaning modified KTM enduro 690.

    • 12er

      Ive been looking for a clean 650 as I regret selling my KLR every day. Love my Multi but those 17’s suck off road. Still I explore dirt roads in the sierras all summer long and camp in the middle of nowhere often

      • JMDGT

        I haven’t had a real dirt bike since I was a teenager. I plan on getting a mototote bike carrier for my Xterra to take along on some of my off road adventures. I ride my roadster on a dirt road every now and then. A lot more in Joshua Tree when I lived in OC. As long as it is flat and there aren’t any great elevation changes I am fine. It is nothing like riding a light weight dirt bike with real knobbies on it though. I like the KLR.

    • Kevin Duke

      If I was in that market, I might look for a nice used version of this thing:

      • JMDGT

        I’m likin it. Looks like just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for the recommendation.

        • Kevin Duke

          Let us know if you’re able to find one and, if so, how you like it!

          • JMDGT

            There are a few on cycle trader. Nothing close to me. More than reasonable pricing. You never know.

  • Burton Skiles

    This is the reason (plus old age) that I traded the Rocket 3 for a Scrambler. I’m loving my dirt roads again, but a suspension upgrade is in the works!