… is the name of the Facebook group where I stumbled upon this advice from member Dan Deutsch:

Restoration tip: Fill a plastic container with “Lime Away” and put anything with rust or corrosion in for as long as you want. Lime Away will remove all that nasty stuff and won’t harm the metal, paint, plastic, or rubber o-rings. It just attacks the rust and corrosion. I’ve always known this to work, but last night was the first time I tried soaking parts overnight in it. Works nicely! Soaked a 7R t-stat housing, bolts and the t-stat itself that was coated in rust and corrosion. Soaking a corroded coolant pipe now too! Gonna try soaking all types of parts next to see what can be restored safely. Hope this was helpful!

Somebody else swears by soaking your dirty old carburetors in Pine-Sol, which not only removes gunk but leaves your garage smelling like a fresh mountain forest. Sounds legit…

  • Donnie

    I have read the same thing. I never had the balls to try it out.

  • JMDonald

    Great tip.

  • Matthew McKenzie

    Phosphoric acid, try coke with a few test examples. In the shop you could buy in bulk (stone and masonry cleaner). Rinse well in mild bicarb and then running water and grease surfaces afterwards (at least Gun oil or similar).