There’s something beautiful about taking what’s old and making it new and these five cafe racers are absolute works of art.

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  • schizuki

    Am I the only one who thinks fat tires are stupid? Most of these look like beach racers.

    • Gee S

      No. No you are not.

      Also stupid is pipe wrap, seats that look like vinyl covered surfboards, and headlights with electrical tape Xs on them. Especially stupid are street cruising motorcycles that have Shinko dual sport tires on them.

      None of these bikes, in my opinion, improve on the appearance or function of the stock motorcycles on which they are based in any way.

      Fashion. Turn to the left. 😉

      • 1pfr2go

        I agree w/both and all your comments. What bothers me the most is what ever happened to reducing unsprung weight to improve handling? I guess that’s just the ramblings of a dinosaur! I’ll crawl back in my cave now.

      • Johnny Blue

        All silly except maybe the pipe wrapping. It might prevent the roasting of the legs…

      • JMDGT

        It’s like fake air scoops on some Yamaha models. Same mindset.

    • Deplorable HoundOfDoom

      And no front fenders either. Do they have something against them? Or can’t they fabricate?

    • littlebuddy12345

      just taking a wild guess here. Are you under 40? That could explain your feeling about the look. If you 50’s or older,,,,,than I guess it’s just a matter of taste. I’m wondering about Gee S too.

      • Tom Dinchuk

        I’m 66 and don’t like them either; I’m a form follows function kind of guy.

      • schizuki

        I’m 51. It seems to me it’s the young hipsters who dig this look. They seem to be the ones building them.

    • JMDGT

      Not only do I think they look stupid they are stupid.

    • W Donald

      I am glad I am not the only one disliking this look , in my very humble opinion they have turned perfectly good motorcycles into something that is far from appealing to the eye

    • Klappskalli von Porsche

      I dont know how it is to ride with those tires but they give a nice retro look – don’t see anything stupid.

  • Prakasit

    Instagram handle “art_of_lifestyle74” says it all!

    • Ian Parkes

      Yeah, but he avoided most of the cliches with his build.

      • Prakasit

        Agree, his build this the nicest looking of the bunch. Something to be proud of for sure.

  • Donnie

    Whatever happened to wanting to own a pretty motorcycle?

    • DickRuble

      Every two-legged turd wants to look badass
      … and every cockroach with a wrench, three bolts, and an instagram account is a bike builder… that’s what happened.

  • Alan

    Hideous caricatures. Cafe racers should at least look like performance machines. These monstrosities are simply hipster bad dreams. Now my eyes hurt.

    • DickRuble

      Not only look, they should also perform as such.. meaning they should be better handling, faster running than stock at the very minimum.

  • Jim Riley


    • DickRuble

      Have you been checked for glaucoma?

  • Bmwclay

    We call them ‘Rat Bikes’ in my neck of the woods.

    • Goose

      Well, that addresses my big problem with all the bikes here. They are not cafe races, cafe bikes were modified to increase performance. These bike seem to be built to an aesthetic that is not performance oriented and, more personally, I don’t understand. I don’t care what other people find attractive as long as they aren’t confused with a type of bike I like very much.
      I find the relationship between bobbers and choppers to be similar to cafe racers and rat bikes. In each case one, the performance oriented type, appeals to me and the other doesn’t.
      Ride what you like but I will not be riding a rat bike.

    • thm4855

      You are not nice now – I hope the rats cant hear you !!!

  • RMP52

    To my eye, the ‘Zuki is the best of the bunch.

  • Eric

    None of these bikes are really cafe racers; they’re much closer to what are called “brat bikes,” a style of custom bike popularized by the Japanese builder called (not surprisingly) Bratstyle. Bratstyle does it better than any of these guys, though. Some of them look like they were looking at early bikes by the Wrenchmonkees, a Danish custom bike shop. Again, the Wrenchmonkees are much better than anything here.

  • Bmwclay

    How about the Honda ‘cafe racer’ with the car trailer tires? A Ural side car could beat it in the twisties.

  • Joe Anania

    Not much fabricating or thought put into most customs….just a boat load of money!

  • Ted

    Apparently Seth was just looking to cause trouble with the title of this article. Good one Seth. ( At least I’m certainly hoping this was a joke).