In a scene right out of Talladega Nights, two Down Under drag racers competing in the 400 Thunder in Perth, Australia, finish by pushing their drag bikes across the finish line after both suffered mechanical issues. Quite possibly the slowest drag race in the history of motorcycle drag racing, but in the spirit of competition both these guys deserve to get thrown out of Applebee’s.

  • Some days are better than others. Some days you devour the track, other days the track eats you. Shake-n-Bake!

  • Born to Ride

    Hahahaha, best drag race ever.

  • Starmag

    Well the guy in the red leathers walked that other guy. He obviously is a sole man.That was quite a feet. That was a nice run. He gave that other guy the boot.

    • dbwindhorst

      Despite being behind, the guy in black seemed like a shoe-in, but he couldn’t last. They both were pretty straight-laced, though — really well-heeled.

      • Old MOron

        Die with your boots on!

  • Old MOron

    Fooking awesome!