Here’s our weekly guide to the upcoming motorcycle events and rides that are happening within the next 30 days.

  • Hugues-Frederic Brouillette

    I really like this section. One comment: would it be possible to have it earlier? Just looked at price for Vegas or Overland flights. I think I am a little last minutes. Thanks again.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Will be at Street Vibrations, Reno NV this weekend.

    • DickRuble

      Ok, we’ll steer clear of that.

      • Sayyed Bashir

        Were you planning to attend?

        • spiff

          If I could get time off I would ride up. Heck the Joshua Tree thing is my speed, but girls only. Oh well.

          • DickRuble

            Just go. You’ll fit right in. Nobody will be able to tell the difference.

          • Goose

            Don’t judge others by yourself.

          • Old MOron

            Ha ha, upvote because I know Spiff can take a joke, and because that was funny.

          • Born to Ride

            Ooh doubling down today eh Dick?

          • Sayyed Bashir

            They should allow the Don Juans among us to attend. Imagine how exciting it would be for them.

          • Old MOron

            Now that the Hef has kicked the bucket, you are the natural heir to his throne. We’ll call you “the Bash”.

          • spiff

            I have watched alpha girls almost attack guys that have tried to infiltrate a “girls night out”. No way in hell I am going to an all girl bike event. Well, unless I went all “Bosom Buddies”.

      • spiff

        Lol, you’re such an asshole.

        No offense intended 🙂

        • Born to Ride

          I think he’s more of a Dick.

    • 12er

      Stumbled into that once on accident, drove up for an all nighter on the blackjack tables. Lives up to its name, very loud.

  • RMP52

    Would love to make down to Barber’s one of these days.

  • kenneth_moore

    Biketoberfest in Daytona starts October 19.

  • Paragon Lost

    Off topic, but has anyone else noted that in the last few months has slowed down in articles and news stuff in a pretty drastic way? This is the latest article and it’s from the 26th and it’s not really an article it’s just a press release of upcoming motorcycle events.

    Under the “What’s New” is an article about Pirelli from yesterday. Anyhow maybe I’m imagining it but it does seem like there are a lot less articles and news articles on in recent months. Which makes me tend to worry that it’s in trouble, I’d rather read articles here than at most other sites.

    Example of a site I try avoid is CycleWorld because they load soo much crap up that the page bogs down badly when you try to scroll down. I have a high end computer and a great connection to the internet but CW just is a dog to scroll around on. I’ve always liked that hasn’t gone that route. I hope they’re gonna remain up and running. Apologies for the off topic post.