The following public motorcycle events and rides are happening in the second half of June 2017.


  • spiff

    I like this. Keep us updated on this kind of stuff. The more notice the better, I need to plan ahead.

  • throwedoff

    Surely there are more events and rides going on around the country in the next six weeks than this short list indicates. Euro Tek in Oklahoma City puts on a Saturday morning ride one weekend a month. Five states out fifty with any kind of event happening or are these the only one’s worth mentioning?

    • Kevin Duke

      This is a new feature we’re working on as weekly features, so give us a chance to hone it. And if any of you know of cool events we should add, please send it!

      • Randy Young

        Kevin is there a specific email we should send information too?

        • Kevin Duke

          Not yet, but we will. Meantime, just add them here.

          • Randy Young

            Thanks Kevin,

            Vulcan Riders Association USA National Rally
            July 18 – 20 Maggie Valley North Carolina
            More info at

  • Grneyedqban

    Thank you for the heads up on upcoming events! Keep bringing us together so we can get more and more riders involved in this community of ours!!!