Motorcycle show season is now well underway with the second big show on the calendar, the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. While AIMExpo had a powersports focus, the Tokyo show is a mixture of both automotive and motorcycle industries. And while the biggest new model announcements are typically reserved for EICMA, the Tokyo show has a reputation introducing some outrageous concepts as well as a few production models.

2015 AIMExpo Coverage

This year’s show was no exception, with the major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers debuting some very intriguing concepts. Yamaha, in particular, demonstrated its ability to think outside the box by presenting a brand new sports car concept and an autonomous motorcycle-riding robot!

These concepts aren’t just for show however; most of them are just a taste of an eventual production model. Take a look at our coverage below, as well as our previous coverage of AIMExpo and check back in a couple of weeks for more new model announcements at EICMA.

Motorcycle Manufacturers
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  • JMDonald

    It would be nice to see a few of these concepts make their way to production. How many bikes will fit in my garage? One more.

  • Kevin

    Waiting to hear about the new FZ-1. Please, please bring it in to the 21st Century. ABS at least.

    • Brett Lewis

      I did not see one listed in the 2016 models on Yamaha’s website…

      • Kevin

        That leaves hope that the 2016 FZ-01 may be new and improved.

  • Paul Lucas

    Yamaha should build cars, they’ve supplied engines to many Manufacturers over the years. Ford Taurus SHO, Lexus IS-F, LFA, RC, Toyota Celica to name a few.