’Tis better to give than to receive, they keep telling us, but that’s other people talking, who clearly have an axe to grind. If you must give things to other people, be happy there are plenty of cheap things you can give them and that the magic of the www means you no longer have to schlep through the mall or even to an actual store. Though if that’s what puts you in the mood, don’t let us stop you. Here in no particular order, are a bunch of things we wouldn’t mind receiving ourselves.

MotoGP 3D Puzzleball

111715-buyers-guide-gifts-0-50-motogp-puzzle-ballYou can’t go wrong with a MotoGP 3D puzzleball: 240 curved plastic pieces go together with no glue, and are dart resistant though not bulletproof.


New Faceshield!


If a new helmet is out of the question, the next best thing is a nice new scratch-free faceshield. The hard part might be ascertaining what make and model helmet the giftee wears, since some helmet makers have produced a bewildering array of helmets and faceshields over the last few years. Once you have that info, it’s a simple matter to google up a new one in your choice of clear, tinted or whatever’s available – though mirrored shields tend to be too dark for all but the brightest days. The amber shield for an Arai (various models) above sells for around $45.

$20-50 online and in motorcycle stores everywhere

Scooter Girl Tin Clockwork Toy


Available from the British National Motorcycle Museum’s Tin Treasures collection, “this sassy little modern miss scoots around with a clockwork motor living la dolce vita.” These are actual metal and hand-assembled, and as such not intended for little kids. Available in blue, yellow and ivory, this one sells for £19.95, currently around $61. (Maybe the pound will plunge before Christmas and it’ll come it at under $50!) There’s a lot of other fun stuff in the museum’s gift shop.


GoCruise2 Universal Throttle Lock


An excellent suggestion from the man who runs the D Store in Costa Mesa, Tom Monroe, the GoCruise2 improves upon the original design by adding a tension adjustment wheel and being machined from 6061 aluminum. It’s not as nice as electronic cruise control, but it’s a humongous improvement over no CC at all when you’re covering long distances.

$27-32 online and in stores

Two-Stroke Candle


From Suzuki exec and two-stroke fiend Avery Innis, the Flying Tiger 2-Stroke Smoke candle. This 16-oz candle is made with real 2-stroke oil blended with soy wax, to satisfy the olfactory needs of those of a certain age.



Stop n Go Tire Plugger with CO2 Inflation!


My favorite tire plugger seals holes in tubeless tires with its own special mushroom plugs. So fun to use you almost hope for a flat. And spending the extra bucks for the kit with the CO2 cartridges saves you from the frustrating irony of having an airtight tire with no air in it.


Marquez Bathroom Decorations


These official MotoGP stickers are just the thing to brighten up any urinal! I had no idea the 2014 MotoGP champ has anything to do with ants?


Rossi Bandana!


Yeah babyy!! Polyester, 50 x 50 cm (19.7 x 19.7 inches). No real motorcyclist can ever have too many bandanas and this one is awesome if anybody is having a hard time picking out my gift this year.




While you’re on your Italian shopping spree, I know at least one lady who’s married to fellow MOron Tom Roderick who needs these. There is no equivalent Marc Marquez or George Lorenzo product, as there is absolutely zero demand. WLF!!



Aerostich Fleece Wind Triangle


Now made with a softer and more comfortable windproof/water resistant WINDSTOPPER fabric, Aerostich’s better bandana is a good thing to have when it’s really chilly, and probably the only motorcycle product for sale whose description includes the word hypotenuse: “Hypotenuse 24″, Base 16″.”


Fog City Shield Insert


If your beloved is into heavy breathing and rides where it’s cool and humid, Fog City’s original demystifying shield insert is a great and useful item.

$12 – 20 at many online retailers and motorcycle emporiums

Ready-Heat Electric Vest


I’ve never used one of these, but according to Ready-Heat, the thing uses military-tested technology to warm up to 100° F in 8-10 minutes, and will stay warm for up to eight hours. Quite amazing if true, and quite a nice stocking stuffer for a measly 13 bucks.


Craftsman Magnetic Steel Bowl


It’s a scientific fact that people who own one of these are way less cranky than those who don’t, because they don’t spend hours looking for disappeared fasteners. The Magnetic Steel Bowl is made of resilient stainless steel. It stores all your metal accessories for a long time without incurring any scratches or marks. The flat bottom of the bowl allows it to be placed on work surfaces for easy reach. Oh yes…


Dainese D-Core High Socks


These unisex high-tech ankle-supporting non-slip compression socks have so much going on they sound like they’re worth twice their $29.95 price tag. And if they’re as good as everything else that comes from Dainese, why not?


Nitrile 380 Gloves


Lifted directly from Aerostich’s own Gift Guide, these heavy duty oil-proof abrasion-proof work gloves are just the thing for nasty jobs like changing tires and oil, they’re washable, and the price is right.


Batdorf & Bronson Coffee


Batdorf & Bronson is the Unofficial Coffee of MO, thanks to loyal reader and master caffeine fiend Ren Doughty. You’re going to spend $12 to $18 for each 12-ounce bag of these premium beans, but no studies have shown B&B will make you 38% more efficient.


Marc Marquez At-Home Marksman Training Course


There is no more classic Christmas gift than the Red Ryder Model 1938 BB gun, guaranteed to provide target-shooting fun for the whole family for years. Now all you need is a target to hang on the block wall in the back yard. I’d go here: WallpaperHDPC.com


  • Although it’s admittedly self serving, can I suggest a book?
    I admit it is not as useful as that magnetic bowl though, that’s cool. Also, though it’s not self serving at all, if you want an incredible stocking stuffer, get that tiny one-finger “glove” (fabric finger condom?) with a built-in magnetic fingertip. It’s for when you drop that nut into a crevice too tight for you to reach in and pull it out. OK, you perverts, I meant a steel nut, not one of your own…

    • john burns

      wow that really IS self-serving. Nice shamelessness!

      • Thanks, I think. But seriously… Can you blame me for wanting to pump up the sales of my *good* book? The crappy (literally) Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia outsells it 100:1. I’d like to know that at least a few people are reading stuff that doesn’t make even me roll my eyes. I’m old; I’m thinking legacy here and I don’t want to be remembered as that guy who appeared on the cover of his own book with his pants around his ankles.
        PS… I interviewed the people who make that two-stroke candle, and they’re really cool. It’s great that you’re promoting them.

        • Mahatma

          I must be a moron!First I ask anyone here if they’ve read your book in hope of a recommendation,but then visited amazon,and saw it got rave reviews along with that Riding man,so I decided to get them both.Thanks for that shameless heads up:D

          • john burns

            I feel like I deserve a commission? Where’s my review copy? I’ll forgive you a lot, Mark, for that sweet obit you wrote about Charles Everett a while back. I actually got on well with him most of the time, but that was a fun read.

        • Greybeard1

          I’m already old and let me fill you in on legacy.
          It’s a trap.
          Utter bull flack.
          Leave ONE memorable accomplishment and you’re forever a flash in the pan. Blind pig / acorn, etc.
          Leave TWO and “it was a shame he didn’t live up to his potential”.
          THREE and you’re a cocky prick who didn’t know your place!

          Mediocrity is it’s own reward.

          • Well if mediocrity is its own reward, I’m destined for riches.

          • Greybeard1

            As long as you share. ;o)

    • Mahatma

      Anyone here read it?Beside the author that is…

  • Old MOron

    Hmm, some cool stuff here: nitrile gloves, magnetic bowl, scooter girl- Wait! A 2-stroke candle? Ha ha ha, gotta get one of those.

  • Bob Dragich

    Big Thanks to John Burns and the staff of Motorcycle.com for listing Stop & Go in their under $50 Holiday Gift Guide!

  • Mahatma

    I vouch for that fog city face shield insert.No fogging up even at freezing temperatures.One can also use dish washer detergent if one’s skint too ofcourse.Also like that 2 stroke smoke:)

  • Bob Dragich