Top 10 New Motorcycles Over 600cc And Under $8K

In terms of value, these are some of the best motorcycles money can buy. Each one possesses the power and performance to put a smile on the mug of any motorcyclist for a price or monthly payment that doesn’t break the bank. The list encompasses a variety of models including sportbikes (of course), adventurers, and cruisers, so there’s something here for almost anyone.

Note the bikes listed here are placed in descending order of MSRP, not according to our personal favorites. Were that the case, #10 and #1 would most likely swap positions.

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2016 Yamaha XSR900 First Ride Review

A neo-retro FZ-09 with modern electronics and sportier suspension

The XSR900 retains all the elements we love about the FZ-09 while addressing the suspension issue with firmer spring rates and bringing to the table a host of modern electronics including ABS, traction control, as well as an assist-and-slipper clutch

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