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We're hiring a new associate editor

Do you want to be a motojournalist at one of the world’s very best motorcycle publications? is seeking a new associate editor and you might have a shot at it if you possess and/or can do the following 10 things better than other applicants:

  • Read and write the English language at a level sufficient to get your point across without making us spend all day editing it.
  • Write at a level that would not cause your articles to be confused with something one might find in an ATV, Monster Truck, or WWE magazine.
  • Operate a standard motorcycle in a semi-responsible manner without crashing.
  • Possess the skills (or at least the aptitude to learn) to operate a motorcycle in close proximity to other riders/equipment at elevated speeds.
  • Possess a motorcycle endorsement on a driving license that is currently valid inside the United States and possess a certificate or other proof of passing a DMV-approved or otherwise accredited motorcycle safety course.
motorcycle com wants you, Sportbikes cruisers ADVs standards we test pretty much every type of motorcycle here at MO
Sportbikes, cruisers, ADVs, standards – we test pretty much every type of motorcycle here at MO!
  • Be willing and able to host videos on the YouTube channel.
  • Possess a flexible schedule and sufficient work ethic to frequently spend 14+ hours in a day testing, traveling, delivering vehicles, and taking notes about the vehicle(s) at hand. Not to mention sufficient work ethic to spend 8+ hours per day, most days, at your desk searching, researching, and writing about the latest bikes, gear, and news in the world of motorcycles.
  • Possess a reliable truck sufficient for the pick-up and delivery of two full-sized motorcycles. (Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier, or larger)
  • Do all of the above for modest compensation while residing in one of the most expensive places on earth (Southern California).
  • Work as a trusted member in a team of highly experienced motorcycle experts who are frequently cranky, sarcastic and occasionally caustic… without losing your sense of humor.
motorcycle com wants you, Part of the job will entail speaking confidently in front of a camera You can do that can t you
Part of the job will entail speaking confidently in front of a camera. You can do that, can’t you?

Perks: Steady pay and health insurance. Lots of motorcycles to test. Occasional travel to cool places where you’ll eat gourmet food and test exotic motorcycles in exotic settings.

Challenges: We really weren’t kidding about the hard work, long hours, and sarcastic teammates.

What to do: Send us your resume, cover letter and, ideally, a sample of you on camera to: Staff Staff

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