4. Kegel’s Diner – Rockford, Illinois


The food doesn’t look any worse than most things you’d find to eat in Rockford, but the atmosphere is what you’re after here, Harley people especially. Kegel’s likes to think it’s the oldest H-D dealer in the world, though Dud Perkins holds that title officially; there’s a slight kerfuffle as to when Kegel’s was an official H-D outlet, 1910 or 1912? Anyway, the diner is inside Kegel’s H-D, which is a huge dealer, and you get to peruse an XR1200S Sportster while you eat. In fact, there are quite a few H-D dealers with their own in-house eateries, Harley people being a little more social than the rest of us maybe? Fat Bob’s Roadhouse Diner inside H-D of West Virginia (WV’s oldest) looks like another great choice.