6. Optimus Svea 123 Camp Stove, $120

Optimus Svea 123 Camp Stove

Traveling motorcyclists need a way to cook their food once they get to the campground. The Svea 123 camp stove was introduced in 1955 and may well be the most popular camp stove ever made. While it prefers to use white gas (Coleman fuel), what distinguishes this little stove from others is that it can, in a pinch, run on gasoline — something all motorcyclists have at their campsite. The 19 oz., 4.3 in. x 5.1 in. stove packs big heating power and can run for 50 minutes on a single filling. With relatively few parts, getting 40 years of use out of the brass stove is relatively common. This may explain the stove’s almost cult-like following. Optimus offers more information about the Svea 123 stove.