3. Short Track Speed Skating –to- Motorcycle Speedway/Ice Racing/Flat Track

Winter Olympics Short Track

In the U.S., cars on oval tracks are a huge deal. So you’d think motorcycles doing the same activity would receive the same adulation. Alas, it’s not so, but the Europeans do love their speedway motorcycle racing (in fact, speedway racers can actually make a comfortable living in some Euro countries.). And for good reason: the action is fast, riders are often only inches apart if not outright banging handlebars, and races are relatively short in length and duration, which keeps fans entertained.

Outside of the Olympics realm, talk of speed skating rarely enters conversational exchanges ‘tween us ‘Murricans. Yet, motorcycle racing fans should take more notice of this rapid-fire winter sport. Short track skating very much shares attributes with speedway racing, flat track, and ice racing, including the counter-clockwise direction of the course.

Speedway Ice Racing

This has “Future Winter Olympic Event” written all over it.

Speed skaters burst off the start line, quickly jockey for position, and draft each other for an opportune time to pass into the lead, all while essentially hanging off on one another at seemingly impossible lean angles. Furthermore, most races are fast-paced and over in the blink of an eye.

Maybe Tide, Pepsi, and Budweiser ought to figure how to plaster their logos on the backs of high-tech Lycra body suits…