#8 – Can-Am Spyder RT Limited


For the motorcyclist who has everything – except, of course the desire or (god forbid) ability to push around a touring motorcycle – the Can-Am Spyder RT Limited is a machine of another mother altogether. When he reviewed the RT LTD back in January 2011, Roderick had an admittedly hard time coming to grips with its handling and otherworldly form, but was charmed by its technology, performance and comfort. He was also blown away by its storage; in fact, Tom referred to the RT LTD as “capaciousness enough to make a Wing Dinger jealous.”

As for the ride, Roderick summed it thusly: “If it’s legal to enter [the Spyder RT Limited] in an Iron Butt rally it would be cheating … I’d say it’s the most comfortable motorcycle I’ve ridden, but that statement would be inappropriate.”

Told you he had a hard time dealing.