Top Ten Hottest Biker Movie Women [Video]

Tom Roderick
by Tom Roderick

The theme song to “The Grinch” describes the eponymous character’s soul as “An appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable,” and that’s pretty much how we feel about biker movies. Exceptions such as “The World’s Fastest Indian,” “On Any Sunday,” “Faster” and “Take It To The Limit” exist, but gems like these are rarities.

An attractive female straddling a bike on the big screen — no matter how audacious, unbelievable or misguided — usually gets a pass. For female moviegoers, it’s good to see an empowered woman riding a bike and kicking ass. For men, well… if she’s hot, she’s hot, and a gorgeous woman with serious motorcycle skills is fodder for male fantasies.

The actresses below aren’t listed in order of desirability (what man wouldn’t want to get into the pants of any these women in their prime), but rather if their on-screen personas actually rode the motorcycle in the movie and especially if the girl is a true motorcyclist who owns and rides when not acting.

In an interview Meagan Good admitted to wanting to be Catwoman when she was growing up, but the vote’s out on if she has the acting skills to get cast in the leading role. Her character in “Biker Boyz,” however, was perfectly suited to her ability to be incredibly beautiful.

As the girlfriend and passenger to Derek Luke’s role as Kid, Good doesn’t actually sit at the controls of the motorcycle. Even though Lisa Bonet is also looking damn fine in this movie, we gotta give the nod to Good.

Carrie-Ann Moss had to overcome her fear of motorcycles before filming the high-speed chase into on-coming traffic in the film “Matrix Reloaded.” The scene (one of the coolest bike chases ever recorded aboard the venerable Ducati 996) took seven weeks to film using a specially-created mile-and-a-half loop.

“I have a major fear of motorcycles, and it was very challenging for me to get on the bike every day and practice,” Moss says. “I started off with a tiny bike every day and practiced. Got on a little bigger bike. Mastered it. That went on for months until I got up to the Ducati. My biggest fear about it was I guess, dying.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Moss’ stunt double, Debbie Evans, who actually rode all the truly daring stunts in Matrix Reloaded. An AMA Hall of Fame inductee, Evans can also be seen riding stunts in “Torque,” “Fast and the Furious” as well as other films. Thank you Mrs. Evans, without you and other women like you, a list of this nature wouldn’t be possible.

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We emphasize our opening paragraph Grinch statement when referring to the movie “Torque,” but when it comes to two hot women having a high-speed cat fight aboard a couple sportbikes, “Torque” owns the scene. It’s good vs. evil, blonde vs. brunette, Mountain Dew vs. Pepsi product placement in this motorcycle battle royale.

Both Mazur and Pressly had to attend a motorcycle riding school prior to filming “Torque.” “I wish I could say I got the part because of my expert motorcycle skills,” said Mazur in an interview, “but unfortunately they were nil. I had to learn everything.”

It doesn’t seem as though either girl lives a biker life outside the unrealistic world of “Torque,” but apparently Mazur came away with a new perspective about women motorcyclists. “After I started riding I would always look when I’d see bikers and see if it was a girl or a guy, and if it was a girl, the way they were riding, what they were wearing. It’s awesome whenever I see girls riding choppers.”

If you’ve never seen “Torque,” use the embedded clip and judge for yourself if the movie’s worth seeing in its entirety. If this helps you decide, neither Mazur nor Pressly get naked in this PG-13 flick.

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As Catwoman, Halle Berry prowls the streets on a Ducati Monster looking for criminals with which to play cat and mouse. While the movie didn’t win any awards, Berry set new standards for sexy cat outfits. Although not known as a motorcyclist, Berry is often spotted as the passenger on the back of her boyfriend’s Harley.

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Nothing points to Anne Hathaway as having anything to do with motorcycles outside of the yet-unreleased Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” but in this clip she is clearly operating a fat-tire two-wheeler, much like the Batpod in “The Dark Knight” from 2008.

Hathaway, in a skintight leather suit and the doggie-style position of her riding that, er, motorcycle… pod… whatever it you want to call it, is seductive enough to earn her a tie for sixth on our list. She was voted one of 2010’s sexiest stars by Entertainment Weekly, however, we’d prefer to be the cream to Halle Berry’s Catwoman.

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Pam Anderson plays the movie’s namesake role in this futuristic feature where they’re still riding mid-90s Triumphs in the 21st century (talk about dependability!). Known more for posing on or around a motorcycle, Anderson did have to learn basic motorcycle operation for some of the scenes in “Barb Wire.”

She served as the Grand Marshal of the SOS motorcycle ride fundraiser, as well as having been in attendance at the annual Love Ride.

A Playboy Playmate and the ultimate sex symbol of the ’90s who was married to rock god, Tommy Lee — with whom you can view Anderson performing fellatio in a “stolen” home video on the web — “Barb Wire” is a motorcycle-riding bounty hunter who kicks ass and asks questions later.

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Most men remember the opening scene of “Revenge of the Fallen” with Megan Fox alluringly draped over a custom cruiser, but there’s another brief scene in the movie where she rides an Aprilia 125 sportbike. It’s not the most dramatic sequence, but who wouldn’t pay to be Shia LaBeouf riding snug-up on the pillion seat.

It’s reported Fox owns a Ducati 696 in real life but doesn’t necessarily know how to ride it. “I dropped it the first time I tried to ride it,” she said. “I’m still learning how to ride.”

Ranked 14th in Men’s Health magazine’s 100 Hottest Women of All-Time, Fox definitely has the physical beauty to make our list. Maybe someday she’ll transform into a real motorcyclist.

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Known for performing a lot of her own stunts, which means riding a motorcycle in some of the scenes in her movies, the world’s sexiest woman deserves a place on our list, because she is just that… the world’s sexiest woman. She also knows her way around a motorcycle.

Apparently, Jolie used a motorcycle date to seduce Brad Pitt when she rode with him on her own BMW early in their relationship. In 2010 Pitt gifted Angelina with an MV Agusta.

“I’m not sure what cc it is,” she told a British newspaper during an interview, “but I can tell you it’s a proper bike and it’s powerful.”

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Third place on our list goes to another TV starlet, but it’s not our fault there’s more actresses from television than movies who actually ride motorcycles. Yvonne Craig in that form-fitting, glittery, purple Batgirl outfit deserves some recognition. And don’t knock her ride, the motorcycle is as campy as the rest of the original made-for-TV Batman series, but Craig makes it look good, or at least looks good riding it.

In a fan interview Craig says her sister can attest to the fact that she rode a motorcycle and was always doing crazy things with it — a lot of times with her sister on the back.

“One time we were going up a hill, and it didn’t really have enough guts, and I gave it gas and shifted and we did a wheelie, and she fell off, and I fell on top of her, and the bike slid across my leg and burned my leg. And we were lying in the gutter, laughing, laughing, laughing.”

An extra bonus, Craig played the lusty green Marta from the planet Orion in the 1968 Star Trek episode, Whom Gods Destroy. A motorcycle-riding super-heroine and a seductive green alien! No other film actress can claim those attributes!

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Yes, “Dark Angel” is a television show, and some may argue that it doesn’t belong on this list, but the show was created by Hollywood director James Cameron and starred Jessica Alba, who was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her portrayal of a genetically-enhanced, transgenic super-soldier. In the show she often tears around the future on two wheels, but more importantly she is a motorcycle fan and rider when not on camera. Ranked as #3 in FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World, she claims to love Harley-Davidsons and riding dirt bikes.

“I love motocross, but I’m not very good at it. I’m such a spaz, I’ll just get cocky and confident enough and I know I’ll break my neck. I haven’t done any big jumps, but riding a motorcycle is the best thing. You want to go faster, and you don’t want to wear a helmet, and you want to do tricks. If I do another action movie, which I intend to, I gotta throw some motorcycle stuff in there.”

Ann Margret gets first place on our list because this sex kitten (as she was known back in the day) is the original motorcycling starlet who was gorgeous enough to be listed in Empire magazine’s 100 sexiest stars in film history.

In addition to riding bikes in various films like the Triumph T100C Tiger in “The Swinger,” she’s a real motorcyclist who craved the thrill of two-wheels in her personal life. Margret modeled for Triumph advertisements in 1960s and used a Triumph in her stage show and TV specials

In 2000, at age 59, she suffered a fractured shoulder and three broken ribs in a motorcycle accident. In 2001 she appeared on the Larry King show:

King: And do you still ride motorcycles?
Ann-Margret: I have a beautiful, brand-new one waiting for me.
King: Why do you ride motorcycles?
Ann-Margret: Why do you do this show?
King: Well, it ain’t going to send me off the cliff.
Ann-Margret: No, but don’t you love it?
King: Yes, I love it. But why do you love motorcycles?
Ann-Margret: It is everything.
King: And so accidents are something you accept from it, right?
Ann-Margret: There are two types of motorcycle riders: ones who have had an accident and ones who will.

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