Of course we want to be respectful and mindful of private property and legal routes, but with a basic understanding of where you are, you can ride your motorcycle right out of your garage and up a mountain. Depending on your dual-sport of choice, you can do just as much as any non-street-legal dirtbike. KTM’s EXC line is a perfect example, and while they’re a bit spendy, there really isn’t a match in terms of off-road capable street-legal dirtbikes from the factory. If you happen to live in a location that will allow, you may be able to add street-legal or dual-sport kits to your dirtbike and register it at the your local DMV.

I started riding dirtbikes because of my insatiable urge to explore my surroundings. Off-road motorcycles allow you access to places you may not even want to hike, or at least, they will get you there and back faster. Dual-sport motorcycles can take that ability and expand it, allowing you to use roads to connect your off-road exploration.