Top 10 Racing Personalities to Follow on Twitter

There’s more to the world of motorcycle racing than what happens on the track. Behind the scenes, rumors are flying and motorcycles are ever-changing. But we sometimes forget that the riders, too, have lives just like the rest of us. Now, thanks to social media, and Twitter specifically, we have more access to the racing world, and the people in it, than ever before. We can get the latest news, gossip and rumors straight from the most knowledgeable sources in the sport. What’s more, many athletes are active on Twitter as well, allowing us the inside line into their everyday lives outside the racetrack.

The question now is, “Who should I follow?” For this Top 10 list, we’ve taken out the guesswork. These 10 people in the racing community always have something to say, and when they talk, we listen. We’ve split the list into racers and personalities within the paddock to give two different perspectives. Certainly there are many more people in the racing community we wish we could include, but we feel these 10 will keep you entertained and in the know throughout the season, and beyond!

Here, in no particular order, our Top 10 racing personalities you should follow on Twitter.