MO Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Top 10 $0 – $50

John Burns
by John Burns

It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? We motorcyclists are a simple lot for the most part, and it doesn’t take a load of cash to please us. Try on these 10 things for size.

$25: Aerostich LP (Lightweight Portable) Bag #9197

Nothing’s worse than riding along on your motorcycle and coming across a sack of gold doubloons at the side of the road or an unopened Colt Malt Liquor 40-ouncer, with no way to transport them. This ultra-lightweight nylon backpack is the perfect solution. It folds into itself, small enough to fit under any tailsection at about 4 inches square, and expands into a surprisingly strong 19” x 20” x 18” drawstring backpack when you need it. Super handy.

Aerostich LP (Lightweight Portable) Bag #9197

$9.99: Motion Pro Cable Luber

You’d be surprised how many motorcyclists don’t have one of these, which is a shame, because well-lubed cables go a long way toward making any old motorcycle feel new again. Order up a can of lube to go with it if you’re feeling generous, but WD-40 works too.

Motion Pro Cable Luber

$49.99: Klim Fuel Pak

Off-road riders have been carrying their hydration forever out of necessity, but it’s great to have a refreshing drink in-flight on your streetbike when you’re traveling in hot weather, too. The very nice Klim Fuel Pak holds three liters of life-sustaining liquid and is easy to clean.

Klim Fuel Pak

$24.95: Why We Ride

The feel-good award-winning moto documentary of the year. Order a copy before December 31, and a $5 donation will be made to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Ride for Kids.

Why We Ride

$10.19: Motocourse Calendar

There’s nothing like an old-fashioned analog calendar to spruce up the office and keep track of what’s when. This one contains 80(!) photos by the world-renowned Gold & Goose, spread out over 28 pages. Apparently it’s going to be a long year.

Motocourse Calendar

$10.95: Crampbuster

Any crotch rocket without cruise-control that gets ridden on freeways and highways can be made quite a bit more comfortable for the old carpal tunnel by slipping one of these over the throttle. Crude but effective, and easy to find at nearly any motorcycle emporium.


$49.77: RAM X-Grip phone holder

This spring-loaded baby holds the giftee’s phone securely in its rubber jaws, and makes it easy to use the GPS and other functions on the fly. This one will do nicely if the intended motorcycle has a tubular handlebar; other styles are available to work with all kinds of bikes.

RAM X-Grip phone holder

$36: REV’IT Tour Summer Socks

Nobody will be disappointed to get these socks. This high-tech hosiery is woven in Italy on a machine that makes the whole sock with no seams, including the air channels that are designed to keep your feet cool and dry. REV’IT also has winter versions made from merino wool, and if you don’t like these, your Google will knock your eyeballs out with colorful hits when you enter “motorcycle socks.” Who knew?

REV’IT Tour Summer Socks

$6 – 50: Accugage tire gauge

An accurate tire gauge is a joy forever. G.H. Meiser has been making them in Posen, Illinois, since 1906, and claims its gauges are within 2% accuracy from 30% to 60% of scale and ± 3% below 30% and above 60% — meaning that one of its 60-psi gauges should be pretty damn close for most street motorcycles. They’re easily found online and at Sears and other stores. And they actually come with a lifetime warranty, complete with a phone number and a person on the other end of the line.

Accugage tire gauge

$13 (give or take…): The Grunge Brush

You don’t have to be OCD to appreciate a clean drive chain, but it helps. The Grunge Brush ambushes nastiness from three directions at once with softish nylon bristles that won’t hurt O-rings.

The Grunge Brush

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