By 1986, I was living in Germany working for Opel AG in the car world. My motorcycles were mostly in paper and at night, trying to compensate for the boredom of the auto industry. The projects’ timeframes were decades, and everything took years. My boss at that time had some friends in Honda Europe, so since Honda wanted to go to Italy to open a design studio there to understand how Italians do it, I was hired. I started working in Honda Germany’s office for a while and it was during that time that I first encountered the RC30. The level of fit and finish was above anything else I’d seen before. It was a production bike, but the technology was better than racing. I remember going to the garage where all the bikes were parked and just sitting on it, touching, peeking my finger into each little part. I couldn’t ride it due to some kind of insurance deal, but that first impression would be reinforced a couple of years later. While on my new job with Cagiva in Italy and visiting for the first time CRC, which was still in Rimini, they were working on a new Ducati and had an RC30 completely apart. The RC30 technology was unexplainable at the time, so they had to dissect it. On my list!!