2021 BMW R18 First Look

The low-down on BMW’s modern retro cruiser

8 months ago

2021 BMW R18 Touring Version Spied

Official reveal set for April 3

9 months ago

2021 BMW R18 Cruiser and Bagger Designs Leak

While we continue to wait on the slow drip of official news on BMW's 1800cc cruisers, we've gotten our mitts…

9 months ago

BMW Releases Details on “Big Boxer” R18 Engine

We were expecting BMW to debut its new "Big Boxer" cruisers at EICMA but were left disappointed with yet another…

1 year ago

2020 BMW R1800C Production Models Spied

BMW has made no secret about plans to produce a new 1800cc cruiser. The company has confirmed as much, and…

1 year ago

Big Boxer BMW Concept R18 Pays Tribute to Company’s Heritage

[UPDATE: BMW has released a video about the Concept R18 being ridden around the streets of Hamburg, Germany. Apart from…

2 years ago

Top 10 Exciting Motorcycle Developments of 2019 So Far…

It’s been a stellar year for new motorcycles; our frequent flier miles are piling up like crazy as we span…

2 years ago

BMW’s Big Boxer is On the Way

When I learned I was off to Austin last week with just a couple days notice, on a mysterious mission…

2 years ago

Boxer-Engined BMW Cruiser Spotted in Germany

German website Motorrad has published a photograph of what appears to be a BMW bagger powered by a large Boxer…

2 years ago

Why Did BMW Build an 1800cc Boxer Engine?

Earlier this month, BMW and Japanese builder Custom Works Zon presented a rather industrial-looking retro-styled roadster at the 27th annual…

2 years ago