The Honda CL500 is Coming to the US, With the ADV160 and a New Grom

Honda announced a new scrambler model based on its 500 platform last November at EICMA, but there was no indication about whether the CL500 would be brought to America. That has now changed, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has certified the 2023 Honda CL500, and we expect an official announcement to come very soon. And it won't be alone, as the EPA has also certified the ADV160 and an updated Grom.

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2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro & Rally Pro Review - First Ride

As a flat softball-sized boulder flipped up from beneath the rear tire of the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro I was following, the ringing of the krakebs from the previous night’s festivities grew louder and louder in my ears as I braced for impact. Subconsciously, I rolled off the throttle if only for a brief moment slowing myself enough to not make contact with the hurtling stone. Then back on the gas quickly to launch the 450(+)-pound motorcycle into the air over the rocks embedded in the road. Through bustling city squares, desolate tiny villages, and long barren stretches, our time onboard the Triumph Tiger 900 had been nothing short of an adventure. An experience of a lifetime; one perfectly suited for the Triumph Tiger 900.

After a hop over the States, a skip across the Atlantic, and a jump over to Africa, I found myself in Morocco to ride a highly-anticipated new motorcycle – the 2020 Triumph Tiger 900. We’d be testing the all-new platform in both GT Pro and Rally Pro trims to emphasize the touring and off-road capability of Triumph’s latest middleweight adventure touring motorcycle. We’d spend a full day on undulating tarmac led by resident fast guy and development rider (and TT racer), Joe Akroyd while the following day would have us navigating rocky dusty trails near the northwest coast of Africa with Triumph Adventure Experience Center’s Matthew Reed (also British and World Enduros racer, as well as British rally and Cross Country Championship competitor) before bee-lining it straight back to Marrakech via the motorways on the third day.

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MotoGP 2016 Aragon Preview

If Motorland Aragon were located roughly 50 miles west of its current location, it would sit in the exact middle of nowhere. In 2010, the dusty outlier was to be a temporary emergency replacement for the ill-fated Hungarian GP track at Balatonring, which never got finished. It has since become a fixture on the calendar, dreaded by journalists, a fourth Spanish round seeming to be exactly what the sport, with its international ambitions, doesn’t need, what with so many countries and venues banging on the door to get in. Nonetheless, here we, or they, actually, are.

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