MO Tested: Alpinestars Fusion 1-Piece Leather Suit Review

I might as well just come out and say it: In my years as a motojournalist, I’ve had the pleasure of testing dozens of track leathers, from ill-fitting, inexpensive off-the-rack items to full-on custom-sized suits, and the Alpinestars Fusion Race Suit is the most comfortable and best breathing one I’ve ever had the pleasure of donning. Since that’s my opinion, I figured I shouldn’t string you readers out. However, if you want to find out why I feel this way, I’d be happy to tell you. 

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Crash Tested (and Repaired): Alpinestars Caliber Jacket Review

While in Spain on the 2024 Triumph Street Triple R/RS intro, I crashed during the street portion of the ride. As much as I’d like to let this mishap go down the memory hole, it gave me the opportunity to abrasion and impact test some gear. Let’s set the stage, shall we: By making a series of small mistakes in an S-bend that combined to tuck the front end and put me on the ground at about 60 mph, I landed on my left knee and hip, followed by my torso and the underside of the left arm – all fairly typical of this type of crash. In those few seconds of sliding, the Alpinestars Caliber Jacket did its job of protecting my hide by sacrificing its hide. I won’t get into the specifics of the Alpinestars Caliber Jacket’s construction in this review. You can read about it here. What I want to focus on is how it performed in the crash, how much damage it sustained, the repair process, and why I decided to have it repaired.

MO Tested: Alpinestars Caliber Jacket Review

Crash Tested: Alpinestars Copper 2 Denim Pants Review

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MO Tested: Rottweiler Performance Intake System For The KTM 790/890 Duke Review

My love for the KTM 790 Duke has been well documented on MO, but the reality is that had KTM been a little less tight-lipped when I was laying down my hard-earned cash for the bike, I might never have owned it. Instead, an 890 Duke R would probably be parked in my garage. That doesn’t lessen my attachment to the 790, but it helps to explain my desire to squeeze as much power out of the parallel-Twin as I can, while maintaining its social acceptability on exhaust sound. (OK, maybe being mocked in the comments when the Akrapovic slip-on resulted in slightly lower peak power has a little to do with my search for power, too.) Regardless, my unspoken goal for my performance modifications has been to get as close as possible to a stock 890’s mid-range power. From the moment Rottweiler Performance released its Rally Edition Full Intake System for the 790/890 Adventure, I’ve been salivating at the prospect of installing an adapted version on my Duke. Well, with the release of the Rottweiler Performance Intake System for the KTM 790/890 Duke, that wait is over, and man, does it kick some butt. 

KTM 790 Duke Project: Building A 790 R

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2024 Triumph Street Triple 765 R/RS Review - First Ride

For the previous week, I’d anxiously checked the weather reports for updates. Sandwiched in between swaths of little sun icons were two little black clouds spewing raindrops. Naturally, those were the scheduled dates for the US press to ride the 2024 Triumph Street Triple 765 R and RS on the Andalusian backroads and the famed Circuito de Jerez Angel Nieto in southern Spain. 

2020 Triumph Street Triple 765 RS Review – First Ride

2017 Triumph Street Triple RS Review: First Ride

2013 Triumph Street Triple R Review

2012 Triumph Street Triple R Review

2008 Triumph Street Triple 675 Review

And my wishes were granted. The rain plowed through the night before the first ride day, leaving drying roads and temperatures gradually rising from the mid-40s to the low-50s through our street ride. Once the day’s photography was done and with the tarmac finally dry – if a bit dusty – the pace picked up to the point that I felt, rather than tiptoeing around the wet spots,  we were really getting to sample the engine’s new power delivery and chassis’ refinement. The roads, though bumpy in places, were an intoxicating mix of extended sections of high-speed sweeping corners with brief, more technical portions to feel the chassis’ sprightliness. In a short series of esses, I aggressively rolled on the throttle at the exit of a second gear, 50 mph left hander, my ears full of the seductive growl of the 765cc Triple, a smile growing on my lips, and without warning, the front end folded…

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MO Tested: Alpinestars Caliber Jacket Review

I’ve been searching for the perfect brown leather jacket for years. For some reason, this color appeals to me more than the classic black or multi-colored gear. However, to my eye, brown is a color that is difficult to get right. I’ve seen too many items with a burgundy tint that really doesn’t appeal to me. When I discovered the Alpinestars Caliber jacket, I knew I’d found the jacket I was looking for. 

MO (Crash) Tested: AGV Sport Element Vintage Jacket

MO Tested: Alpinestars Brera Airflow Jacket Review

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MO Tested: TCX Infinity 3 GTX Boots Review

The TCX Infinity 3 GTX Boots were constructed to give adventure tourers versatile boots to handle a wide variety of conditions. While the features set includes many of the items that make for a strong touring boot, the two standout features of the Infinity 3 boots are the Gore-Tex waterproofness and the dial fastening system; these place the Infinity 3 in the premium footwear category. The grippy sole and the tall upper with its beefy shin plate impact protection, along with the elasticized gaiter over the rear of the calf to prevent rock and sand ingress, put the boot in the adventure-touring category. 

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MO Tested: INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera Review

INNOVV has been producing progressively better motorcycle dash cams at reasonable prices for over five years, and we’ve typically had good results from them. Now, the company is stepping more directly into the action camera market with a helmet cam that offers some distinct differences from the 800-lb gorilla in the market. I’ve been testing the INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera for a while and have found it to be an amiable riding companion. 

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2022 Motorcycle of the Year

Each year, we gather as a staff for the task of choosing’s Motorcycle of the Year (MOTY). Sometimes the debate can be heated – and lengthy. This year, we reached consensus on the top two choices relatively easily. What caused the debate was the ranking of the two, but we were able to come to an agreement (some possibly reluctantly) as to their final standing. Remember, the MOTY is not about choosing the absolute best motorcycle of 2022. While the bike needs to be one of the best by winning one of our MO Best Of categories (MOBO), the bike needs to be something more; it needs to say something about the current state of motorcycling. The 2022 MOTY is no different. In fact, it was alone in winning two MOBO categories. When you combine the two, the motorcycle says a lot about its current class of motorcycles, in this case adventure-touring and value motorcycles. The 2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 illustrates the continuing advancement and the maturity of the adventure-touring market.

2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 Review – First Ride

Showdown: 2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 vs. Yamaha Ténéré 700

Best Adventure Motorcycle of 2022: Aprilia Tuareg 660

Best Value Motorcycle of 2022: Aprilia Tuareg 660

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 represents the growing importance of the middleweight adventure market. Not only does it come in on the smaller end of the displacement scale, removing some of the barriers to entry to newer ADV riders, but also it comes with features that used to only be the province of heavyweight adventure machinery. Where the Tuareg really makes a statement, though, is how it provides these features for thousands of dollars less than its competitors. So, what we end up with is a lighter, less intimidating, and more flexible platform at a reasonable price. And that’s before we consider how it stacked up in MO’s tests this year.

How does Aprilia pull off this feat? First, the engine, with just minor retuning, is used across three different motorcycle models, helping to keep prices down while showing the versatility of the 660 Parallel-Twin. By virtue of having 75% of its 44.3 lb-ft of torque available at 3,000 for good off-road grunt yet still delivering an exciting top end when revved out, the Tuareg excels in the two most important areas for an ADV bike: crawling around in the dirt and cruising the highways to get there.

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Old Dog, New Tricks: Tackling The LA-Barstow To Vegas Dual-Sport Ride

Let’s be honest, dual-sport motorcycles aren’t really designed for touring, despite my best efforts ( here and here). The bikes are merely street-legal dirt bikes without much accommodation for creature comfort. So, spending 220-ish miles flat in the saddle from Las Vegas, NV to Palmdale, CA, mostly on Interstate 15, is a platform for cataloging discomforts, and after riding approximately 360 miles, mostly off road over the two previous days, my aches-and-pains were legion. Still, with sore muscles from my arms all the way down to the arches of my feet, why did I spend most of my time grinning as I cranked out the miles? I’d finally participated in the LA-Barstow To Vegas Dual-Sport Ride, an event that had intrigued me for over 25 years, which is 23 years longer than I have been actively riding in the dirt. Achieving life goals is always good, but somehow the physically-challenging ones accomplished after the half-century mark are even sweeter. 

MO Touring: Building A Lightweight Adventure Bike

MO Touring: Building A Lightweight Adventure Tourer – Part 2

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Best Electric Motorcycle of 2022

Just because the candidates for Best Electric Bike this year are rather sparse doesn’t mean there isn’t a motorcycle worthy of an award. Energica’s new Experia certainly appears to be worthy of consideration, but as we mentioned in our opening page, a model needs to be available in dealers by the time of our posting. The Experia is not. This leaves one really excellent motorcycle left to choose. It would be hard not to recognize the Zero DSR/X in the Best Electric category after basically calling it the best motorcycle Zero has made so far. If you look at where Zero started – as essentially a glorified mountain bike – to where the company is now, and in a relatively short amount of time, the DSR/X is very impressive. In a way, you could say the DSR/X is the ultimate evolution of that original glorified mountain bike. Built to capitalize on the ADV craze sweeping the industry, it certainly is the most capable Zero so far.

2023 Zero DSR/X Review – First Ride

Unsurprisingly, it boasts the current pinnacle of Zero’s engineering talents. From the highest battery capacity to date and its most torque-rich motor, to the level of refinement within the proprietary Cypher III operating system. Partnering with Bosch to integrate its safety systems lends another point of credibility to the doubters out there, as do the premium components from J.Juan and Pirelli. Maybe the most important thing, however, is simply creating a motorcycle that looks, feels, and works like… a motorcycle. Zero’s done that with the DSR/X. Apart from the sound and the charging routine, the learning curve to riding a DSR/X is basically nill. We’re kidding ourselves into thinking it will give the likes of the BMW GS or KTM Adventure series a run for their money, but let’s give credit where credit is due. The Zero DSR/X is a good motorcycle without the need for qualification.

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MO Tested: Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock Review

The creeps that steal motorcycles count on one thing when they are attempting to rip you off: They want to go unnoticed. Getting even the slightest glance from a passerby might be enough to stop them in their tracks and move on to an easier target. Back when I was a daily commuter with unsecured parking, I carried locks (front and rear) to protect my bike. After all, it was more than just my sole means of transportation; it was my pride and joy. When I received this Zovii Alarmed Grip Lock from the good folks at Aerostich, it made me reminisce about my misspent youth on motorcycles and some of the dicey places I occasionally parked my bike. 

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EICMA 2022: Milan Motorcycle Show Coverage

The apex of motorcycle announcement season is here! EICMA, the world’s largest motorcycle show, happens this week in Milan, Italy! While most of the excitement will take place on Tuesday, November 8th, the show itself goes on from the 8th-13th, with the public being allowed in the facility for the last days. Every year the Italian Trade Agency invites editors and distributors from around the world to attend the show so, for 2022, Ryan Adams will be reporting live from the Fiera Milano exhibition grounds, giving access to information and photos that sites dependent on press releases can only dream of.

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2023 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S Review - First Ride

Only three motorcycle manufacturers in the world can claim to have been in continuous production for more than 100 years, and Moto Guzzi is one of them. When it comes time to make a historic transformation to the brand, that change carries a lot of weight on its shoulders. With the Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello, the manufacturer alludes – twice – to that long history in the name alone. First, the V100 honors the century of production and maintains form with past naming conventions, while the last part of the name refers to Mandello del Lario, where all Moto Guzzi motorcycles have been made since 1921. When looking at the V100 for the first time, the Moto Guzzi lineage is unmistakable. So, where’s the risk?

Moto Guzzi Teases V100 Mandello And Reveals Plans For New Factory

2022 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello First Look

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2022 Kawasaki KLX140 R L Review

The universal truth about children is that you feed them, and they grow. So, after an extended time with the Honda CRF125F, my daughter started to look like a giant on the bike and needed to move up. A year prior, she’d tried the Kawasaki KLX140R L and found it intimidating because she couldn’t easily touch the ground when astride it. Well, adolescence took care of that issue, and along with growing, she expanded her riding skills, making her first reaction to throwing a leg over the KLX one of “Wow, it fits!” before heading off to ride in our favorite desert OHV area. 

Making A Rider: Teaching Your Kid To Ride

2021 Honda CRF125F Review

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MO Tested: MotoPumps Garmin zumo XT Security Lock

If you own a Garmin zūmo XT GPS, you’re well aware of the ease with which the unit can be installed/removed from its motorcycle mount with the simple push of a button. If you’re thinking about buying a zūmo XT, you should know about this, too. Think about how bad you would feel if you came out of a quick trip into a gas station to buy a bottle of water to find that someone has walked away with your $500 GPS. It really only takes a second. Because of this, there are several third-party manufacturers of locking mounts for the XT. However, they tend to be bulky and/or very expensive, and in one instance, weigh more than the GPS it is trying to protect. Rob Bandler at set out to create a small, light, and reasonably-priced lock to keep your GPS safe on your bike where it belongs. With the $70 Garmin zūmo XT Security Lock, he has achieved his goal. 

MO Tested: Garmin Zūmo XT GPS Review

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