This Week's Motorcycle Gear Deals

–We’re constantly on the look for great deals on motorcycle gear. We’ll be updating this post each week with the latest sales on gear and accessories, so keep checking here for new deals.

HEY! Did you know you could help support us MOrons by buying stuff at Revzilla? It’s true. Whenever you click on over there after seeing a thing here, we get a piece of the pie. It’s a win/win situation – especially when the thing is on sale. You get a deal on what you needed anyway. We get to keep eating. Here are a few of this week’s retail therapy opportunities.

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Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmets for the Great Outdoors

Adventure motorcycle helmets meld the features of on-road and off-road lids to provide adventure riders with a level of versatility that mirrors that of the machines they ride all over the great outdoors. Manufacturers of all sorts have jumped into the ADV helmet market to give us riders a smorgasbord of options to choose from. We’ve put together the list below to give adv-curious riders a one-stop article to check out the full range. From budget-minded to expensive feature-packed lids, these are the best adventure motorcycle helmets on the market in 2022, and there’s something here for everyone.

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Get Your Head in the Game: Best Motorcycle Touring Helmets

Touring connotes long days in the saddle, and that means long days with your head inside your helmet. Fit, then, is going to be of utmost importance when it comes to selecting a touring helmet. A helmet that gives you a hot spot might not be a huge deal when you’re only wearing it for 45 minutes. Over the course of days, though, like an annoying travel companion, an ill-fitting helmet will grow to be a thing you loathe.

Traveling to a brick and mortar store to try helmets on is the best thing you can do, and if that’s not possible then finding an online retailer with a generous return policy is the next best way to go. When you try a helmet on, keep it on for a while too. Minor annoyances that grow large over time can take a while to show themselves.

Anyway, there are hundreds of possibilities, but here we scratch the surface with eight of the best motorcycle touring helmets we’ve either sampled, or that come highly recommended from trusted sources.

Some of our favorite best touring helmets are modulars, or flip-front helmets, so see also Best Modular Helmets.

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The Best Of Both Worlds: Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Like most things in life, we can’t always have everything we want. The same principle holds true with motorcycle helmets. For ultimate protection, full-face helmets are the way to go. But sometimes the ease and convenience of an open-face is really hard to pass up. What’s a motorcyclist to do if he or she wants both? Thank goodness modular motorcycle helmets exist. Offering both full-face protection with open-face convenience, modular helmets are a compromise everyone can live with. Here, we’ve gathered some of the top modular motorcycle helmets available today from a variety of manufacturers.

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Keeping Your Domepiece Safe: Best Motorcycle Racing Helmets

Congratulations. You’ve made the decision to go to a trackday (or even a race). We think that’s one of the best decisions you can make with your motorcycle. Not only is track riding fun and addictive, but it’s also a great environment to improve your skills. But there’s a lot to do to get ready, like getting all your gear in order. Most important, of course, is your helmet.

Do you have a proper track helmet? Generally speaking, a good helmet for the track is full-face, with a double D-ring closure, that meets or exceeds all federal safety guidelines. You’ll have to consult with your local track or track/race organization for the specific helmet regulations they require, but the following selections are helmets we know will easily pass any tech inspection held anywhere in the US of A, and probably the rest of the world, too. A really good track helmet will have all of that, along with a bigger eye port that lets you see ahead when you’re prone on the gas tank, as aerodynamic and light a shell as possible, and great venting so you can keep a cool head.

There are many reputable helmet manufacturers out there, going about the task of head protection in their own unique ways, and there’s no way for us to sample all of them. But the helmets presented here all come from manufacturers we’d trust with our heads. Hours upon hours of time, money, and resources go into the science of making helmets as effective as possible – not just from an impact perspective, but lately, some manufacturers have poured resources into minimizing the effects of brain rotation during a crash as well. Those resources don’t come for free, however, so if you’ve wondered why top-shelf helmets cost so much, it’s because innovation has a price.

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Best Open-Face Helmets

Nothing beats the convenience of an open-face helmet for cruising, light touring, or just commuting through your town. If you happen to be riding a scooter while wearing an open-face helmet, you’re just living in the lap of convenience and pragmatism. Like any other helmet, open-face helmets come in all shapes and sizes (though not a whole lot of colors), so here we’ve gathered a few to tell you about. They are listed below in alphabetical order.

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MO Tested: AGV X3000 Review

The AGV X3000, if you hadn’t noticed, is AGV’s heritage-inspired line of full-face helmets. What sets the X3000 apart from others cashing in on the retro resurgence is the fact that this helmet is designed to replicate AGV’s first full-face helmet that donned the head of none other than the legendary motorcycle racer, Giacomo Agostini in 1969. The fact that Ago himself helped design the original helmet that the X3000 is based off gives this nostalgic lid a bit more street cred than your run of the mill vintage brain bucket.

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2020 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Review - First Ride

In the wake of declining sportbike sales, we’ve seen manufacturers drop supersport models or leave them untouched for years on end. For the more versatile, upright sporty bikes, the industry as a whole has not given up. For Honda and Kawasaki, models like the Ninja 650 and CBR650R offer sportbike looks with practical ergonomics and performance that riders can grow with. With both models receiving updates within the last year – including seriously stepping up their game in the looks department – these everyday sportbikes are even more enticing than ever.  

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Best Deals On Motorcycle Gear At Revzilla For The Week Of September 8

It’s the start of a new week, which means Revzilla has a whole bunch of new deals and markdowns to sort through. In this week’s edition of Revzilla deals, we see all sorts of riding gear getting marked down, but this is only a small sampling. Head on over to Revzilla to see the full list of fresh price drops.

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Revzilla Closeout Deals On AGV, LS2, and Bell Helmets

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a new helmet, Revzilla’s got some closeout deals on AGV, LS2, and Bell helmets that are definitely worth your consideration. There are closeout deals on everything from half helmets to full-face race helmets. So whatever your helmet needs are, there is bound to be something in this closeout sale that will work for you. The selections below are just a small taste of what’s getting slashed. Be sure to click on the respective links to see the full closeout page for the respective brands.

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Best Weekly Deals on Motorcycle Gear at Revzilla

Now that the Summer has officially kicked off, it’s time to score some new gear for all that warm weather riding you’re planning to do. By now you probably have a list of items that will make your riding that much more enjoyable. Or maybe you haven’t, but you’re willing to be tempted. If either of those applies, perhaps you should take a look at the best weekly deals on motorcycle gear that Revzilla has going.

Shop for the Latest Deals here

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Best, Hot New July 4th Motorcycle Deals!

Anniversaries are a time for celebration, and this July 4th holiday, what better way to celebrate the 243rd anniversary of America’s independence than by getting some killer deals on gear to make your motorcycle ride even better. Here, we’ve rounded up a bunch of items that are on deep discount this July 4th holiday, with some big tickets items being offered at almost half-off full retail pricing. Take a look around, and if you see something that catches your eye, now is the time to act – these deals won’t last forever.

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We Found Some Great End Of Year Deals On Gear You Shouldn't Miss

Congratulations to all of you who’ve survived the holiday season (relatively) unscathed—you deserve a reward, and some of the web’s biggest moto gear retailers have got you covered. Both Revzilla and Cycle Gear (among others) have been discounting some of your favorite motorcycle gear as we count down the final days of 2018. In the case of Revzilla, their aptly named “ Holiday Hangover Sale” covers a range of riding gear and casual gear from a ton of different brands. Cycle Gear on the other hand is looking ahead to 2019, and their multi-category sale seems to have been meant as an early 2019 promo that they decided to launch early. This January Clearance Sale deals in riding gear, helmets, bike parts, and other goodies. Of the range of deals, here are a handful that stood out to us as being worth a closer look.

Save 25% on Wolfman Luggage

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MO Tested: AGV Sportmodular Helmet

AGV set out to change the game with its new full-carbon modular helmet. The Italian company boasts that the Sportmodular is the world’s first modular helmet constructed entirely out of carbon fiber which makes it a modular that is lighter than plenty of other helmets on the market, not just other modulars.

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How Much Do You Know About Your Favorite Motorcycle Gear Brands?

There are many motorcycle gear brands out there on the market these days. Some big, some small. Something to remember though, every brand has a story and an origin. Stories that might surprise you if you took the time to learn them. All too often we forget that behind each company, no matter the size, there were real people who worked hard to found them. More often than not, there are interesting bits of information to learn about the process and ideas that unfolded from these entrepreneur’s creative minds.

Being the self-proclaimed gear nerd that I am, I have taken mental notes on tidbits of information that have left people surprised to learn. It could be how to pronounce their favorite brand’s name or perhaps where a particular brand comes from. Take a few minutes out of your busy day and give this quiz a shot. Who knows, you might just learn something.

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