This is one of those cases where what looks good on paper and in theory fails to live up to expectations when put to use in the real world. Although the BMW narrowly won on the ScoreCard because of its lesser cost, it’s the KTM we subjectively rate higher. This action can’t be fully justified or explained, (Dainese Editor, Siahaan, makes a commendable attempt on the previous page), but purchasing a motorcycle is rarely an act of pure practicality.

The Super Duke R has a certain something, a je ne sais quoi, a savoir faire, some other French idiom … We don’t know and obviously can’t explain it here, but we like it and we want one, cost be damned.

Still, when cost is a critical factor, as it is in the metrics of our ScoreCard, the BMW S1000R narrowly emerges the winner of this shootout and becomes the new king of streetfighters.


Yep, this shootout was a close one!

2014 Ultimate Streetfighter Shootout Scorecard
Category Aprilia Tuono
BMW S1000R KTM 1290
Super Duke R
Price 100.0% 95.0% 65.0%
Weight 82.5% 100.0% 87.5%
Engine 89.2% 94.2% 99.6%
Transmission/Clutch 95.0% 94.2% 80.8%
Handling 93.3% 91.7% 90.0%
Brakes 89.2% 90.0% 97.5%
Suspension 88.3% 98.3% 91.7%
Technologies 90.8% 97.5% 85.0%
Instruments 88.3% 95.8% 89.2%
Ergonomics/Comfort 80.0% 86.7% 95.8%
Luggage/Storage 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Appearance 90.0% 90.8% 93.3%
Cool Factor 85.0% 77.5% 90.0%
Grin Factor 92.5% 83.3% 95.0%
Overall Score 90.12% 92.13% 92.07%
Price and weight are scored based on objective metrics. Other scores are listed as a percentage of editors’ ratings in each category. The Engine category is double-weighted, so the Overall Score is not a total of the displayed percentages but, rather, a percentage of the weighted aggregate raw score.

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