Women’s Gear Review: Dainese Sport Boots and Shoes

Boots are a highly specific genre of motorcycle riding gear. Depending on the style of riding you do, or the technical features you need, different boots serve entirely different purposes. As a well-established gear brand, Dainese offers a comprehensive range of motorcycle boots and shoes with a focus on sport and touring style riding.

I’m happy to attest to the fact that Dainese’s women’s shoes and boots are just as technical and high-quality as their male counterparts. The only difference between men’s and ladies’ styles are that female-focused versions are offered in women’s fits and different colors. Isn’t that refreshing?

I own three different styles of Dainese riding boots and shoes, which I alternate between depending on my riding plans. Each is ideal for a different scenario…

The Street Rocker D-WP sneakers are my most casual moto footwear. They’re perfect for quick rides around town and for walking in all day. Plus they’re super cute! The Motorshoe D1 Air Lady shoes are a great lightweight option that find a middle ground between a track boot and a sneaker. The Torque Out D1 track boots are my most protective style of motorcycle boot. They are designed for track use, but I wear them anytime I am going on a longer or more aggressive ride.

None of these styles are a “do-it-all” moto boot, but each serves their niche purpose exceptionally well. Dainese footwear fits my narrow/average feet quite comfortably, and I am very impressed with the brand’s quality in general. I primarily ride sporty street bikes, which all three of the aforementioned models  are nicely suited for. Therefore, this review will focus on the pros and cons of each model from a street bike rider’s perspective.

Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Sneakers – $220

I want to start out by stressing the importance of always wearing proper foot protection while riding. Feet and ankles are extremely prone to injury, even in minor mishaps. This style of moto sneaker is the most casual footwear I would ever ride in, and I don’t really consider them to be sufficient protection for a day of carving canyons. Armored sneakers in general are designed for quick and casual rides at lower speeds around town. That being said, armored sneakers are leagues better than your favorite pair of Nike’s, and they are definitely worth the investment if you prefer to ride in casual attire.

What sets Street Rocker sneakers apart from casual sneakers? Street Rocker sneakers are reinforced with protection in key areas: the toe, heel, sole, and ankle. A rigid heel cup protects your heel in an impact from being crushed, the reinforced insole helps keep your foot from twisting, the reinforced toe is protective, and the ankle inserts protect the ankle bone from impacts and slides. This sneaker is also made with a full grain cowhide leather, which is very abrasion resistant. I’ve noticed that the leather used in this sneaker feels stiffer and more supportive than other armored sneakers made with less protective materials such as suede or textiles. For added safety, Street Rocker sneakers have retro-reflective details on the heel which add visibility at night. The rubber soles featuring a “differentiated” design provide great traction, even on wet and oily city streets. Street Rocker sneakers are also waterproof, making them a versatile shoe which can be worn almost all year. All in all, these sneakers are a CE – Cat. II rated piece of motorcycle apparel disguised by stylish white-walled high-top aesthetics.

Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Sneakers

I am lucky enough to have a pretty short commute, so I often wear these sneakers to work. The best thing about them is how comfortable they are to walk around in all day, and I’ve actually worn these sneakers casually off the bike on occasion. The armor does make them a little stiffer than normal sneakers. So, expect a briefly uncomfortable break-in period. Feedback that I’ve gathered from other riders leads me to assume that these sneakers are most comfortable for people with average to narrow feet. People with wider feet often feel pinching around the ball of the foot, which likely won’t stretch out do to the reinforced toe box. (People with wider feet may have better luck with Alpinestars or TCX sneakers.) Another thing to note is that this style tends to run a little long. If you’re in between sizes, size down. 

One complaint I have about the Street Rocker D-WP sneakers is how hot they can feel. This version of Dainese’s sneakers is a full-grain leather waterproof shoe, and therefore, it does not breathe well on hot days. If you live in a hot and dry climate, I would recommend Dainese’s Street Biker Air sneaker instead, which is a perforated suede version of the same design. I have also noticed that there is no intuitive way to tuck away the laces to prevent them from getting caught in the bike. The loose laces present a potential safety hazard. 

I absolutely love these armored sneakers for what they are: a super casual and comfortable moto shoe.

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Dainese Motorshoe D1 Air Lady – $180

Dainese Motorshoe D1 Air Lady

A new generation of the Motorshoe style by Dainese, with a few improvements from the previous iteration, these shoes feature protection from TPU shifter guards, high tenacity polyamide fabric, a reinforced polyurethane heel structure that extends down the sides of the foot, and rigid armor on the ankles. The shoes feel stiff and supportive in the ankles, while still being comfortable enough to flex in a sportier riding position. Reflective detailing adds better visibility. The Motorshoes have a confidence-inspiring CE – Cat II rating. 

Another especially handy feature of these Motorshoes is the lace retention system, which keeps the laces from getting caught in the bike or loosening up unintentionally. The laces themselves allow you to adjust the width for the snuggest and safest fit. The Air version of these Motorshoes have super effective ventilation, which I have appreciated during warmer days. I also love the traction on the sole of these Motorshoes, specifically for how good they feel on my footpegs. While riding, I feel like I have complete control of my foot position, and shifting is effortless. In other styles of riding shoes or boots I’ve worn, I feel aware of the boot itself, either due to its bulkiness or flimsiness. In contrast, when I’m riding in these shoes, I don’t even notice them. The fewer distractions the better! 

Dainese Motorshoe D1 Air Lady

Dainese’s Motorshoe D1 Air Lady have easily found themselves a home in my summer riding uniform. For notes on fitment, these shoes seem to be wider than other Dainese styles. They also run short, which I found out the hard way after ordering my normal size in footwear. I would definitely size up if you are considering getting a pair.

Although my initial hope in buying these Motorshoes was to be able to walk around them as comfortably as I do in the Street Rocker sneakers, I find them a little too uncomfortable to wear off the bike for a prolonged period of time. The stiff collar of the shoe rubs the back of my calf pretty badly, even after wearing them several times for several hours. The first time I wore them I made the mistake of wearing short socks, and the collar of the shoe caused a blister to form on my lower calf. Wearing tall socks essentially solves this problem, but I still avoid walking around in these shoes because of the abrasive collar. I find it a little ironic that my most comfortable pair of Dainese riding shoes to wear on the bike are the least comfortable to wear off the bike. C’est la vie! I’d still recommend these boots for riding either in the city or in the canyons.

The women’s Motorshoe D1 style also comes in a waterproof version.

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Dainese Torque D1 Out Lady Boots – $400

I am so incredibly happy that I invested in these track boots despite already owning Alpinestars Stella SMX-6 boots at the time. Torque D1 Out boots are the best multi-use track boot available in women’s sizes, in my opinion. There are so few styles of women’s track boots available that offer the same amount of protection as top-level men’s boots. It’s as if most gear manufacturers refuse to acknowledge that girls can be just as hardcore as guys. Dainese knows better! 

I have complete confidence that Torque D1 Out Lady boots will protect my feet and ankles in almost any accident, and I wear them every time I go on a moto adventure or do a track day. I get the impression that a lot of women steer away from wearing track boots because they look so dorky off the bike. Here’s the deal: even if track boots make you look like a Power Ranger, they make you feel like a badass. I’ve actually gotten compliments from other riders on how cool they look. So, as far as track boots go, they’re not bad! There’s really no such thing as too much gear on a bike. Therefore, even if you’re not a track racer you should still invest in some seriously protective boots. The streets are much more dangerous than the track, after all. 

Dainese Torque D1 Out Lady Boots

The Torque Out boots are chock full of safety features; the most important safety feature being the TPU D-Axial system. The outer ankle protection flexes on a hinge, which allows you to easily move your toe up and down while preventing your foot and ankle from twisting sideways. Torque D1 Out boots also feature an inner ankle brace with a speed lacing system. Torque D1 Out boots have super light and replaceable magnesium toe sliders, magnesium inserts on the outer side and heel, a TPU rear inner insert, a nylon heel, reinforced nylon toe, a nylon inner hull, and Dainese’s D-Stone fabric. The standard version still vents surprisingly well due to the air canalization system. The closure system on these boots is a combination of Velcro wings, which adjust the width of the calf, and a zipper up the back of the boot. The adjustable Velcro winglets can make the boots tight enough to fit snugly around skinny calves in thin jeans, or wide enough to accommodate thicker calves wrapped in leather pants. Because there are no Velcro flaps on the sides, there is no spare material to catch on the bike; just a streamlined, low-profile design. I actually upgraded to these boots from Alpinestars Stella SMX-6 boots because I found those boots to be too wide and bulky around my narrow calves. That being said, Alpinestars fits wider feet and calves much better than Dainese. So, shop according to your body type!

Usually, when I find myself on a longer ride, I end up visiting beautiful places that beg to be explored. My Torque D1 Out boots have been used as hiking boots on more than one occasion. You’d think that track boots would be terribly uncomfortable, but they’re actually very light and comfortable to walk in! Again, Dainese boots fit average to narrow feet the best. 

Dainese Torque D1 Out Lady Boots

Some of my friends who own the same boots have had issues with the sliders on the toe or heel falling off. This is inconvenient, but Dainese offers replacement parts and a two-year warranty. The only downside I’ve personally noticed is they tend to squeak a ton when I walk. Really, that’s the only downside I can think of. I love these boots. If they fit you, buy them. 

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Owning a range of different styles of riding shoes and boots allows me to always wear appropriate protection and feel comfortable in any circumstance. If you are a new rider shopping for your first moto boot or you have a limited budget, my advice would be to find a middle ground with a shoe like the Motorshoe D1 that is balanced enough to wear all the time. Truthfully, sometimes even I don’t want to wear my gear. Having casual options like the Street Rocker sneaker guarantees that I will always wear some form of protection, even if it’s light. Best of all, my beloved Torque D1 Out boots allow my mother to sleep at night, even when she knows I’m out being a wild one. Be prepared, be protected, and just send it, ladies. 

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